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Top 10 Food Items You Must Include In Your Summer Parties




It’s the end of winters and we were eagerly waiting to wear floral dresses and shorts. It’s the perfect time to go to pool parties with your friends and family. If you are hosting a summer party then there are so many things that you need to consider. If you are staying in Melbourne then hosting a summer party is quite challenging. You surely want to impress your guests with delicious food as well. You might consider taking help from catering in Melbourne. They will help you to serve some of the delicious food items. While hosting a summer party, there are so many things that you need to consider the venue and decor. However, lots of people prefer to have summer parties in their garden and pool where they can enjoy music and delicious foods.

Successful summer parties include a fantastic venue, awesome music, and a delicious menu. If one of the above things is missing, then it is quite impossible to host a great party. No matter what, you should always consider giving an amazing summer party to your guest that they will never forget. The food menu that you have selected should be the talk of the town. If you don’t want to take help from the caterers and want to do everything all by yourself, then here are the top 10 delicious food items that you must include in your summer parties. We are sure your guests are going to love it and it will surely satisfy their taste buds.

Classic French toast

Well! We just can’t ignore the fact that French toast is really delicious and yummy. You can serve this at any point of time and your guests are going to loved it. Making a French toast is quite simple and easy as you just need some bread and eggs. You can serve this with any sauce to make it even more delicious and yummy. French toast is a perfect food menu to serve in the summer party.

Turkey Sausage

Turkey sausage is one of the easiest recipes that can prepare. This requires no time and your guest don’t really need to wait to eat this delicious recipe. You just need to buy some turkey sausage roll from the market and it’s ready to serve for your summer party. You can just fry this or you can just grill it, the choice depends upon you. Whatever style to choose to prepare, it will taste delicious. You can serve this with any sauce.

Fish Fry

Undoubtedly, we all love seafood and what’s better than fried fish. The crunchy crust from outside and the soft tender fish inside will definitely satisfy your guest’s taste buds next time. A fish fry will never fail to disappoint you and this delicious recipe will make your guests turn crazy. You can add different ingredients and flavors to make it even more delicious. This is absolutely a crowd pleaser. Many people don’t know this, but fried fish takes less time than fried chicken. Try to serve this with mint sauce.

Garden Potato Salad

Never forget to delight your vegetarian and health-conscious guest. You need to good care of them by adding garden potato salad. This is the perfect recipe for those who are looking to burn their extra calories. You can add a different vegetable to make it even more healthy and delicious. This is also very easy to prepare and also add light mayo and yogurt to make it even more yummy and mouth-watering.

Grilled Chicken

Your party seems to be incomplete without grilled chicken. Who doesn’t love grilled chicken? Your guests are going to love this in no time. The crunchy part from the outside and the juicy meat from inside will make your guests go crazy. You can add different ingredients like ground cumin, lemon pepper, and lemon juice to make it yummier. Make sure that you make it more in quantity to fulfill your guests growing demand for this.

Stuffed Pork

Let’s admit it, we all love pork. Your guest must have tried grilled pork or pork gravy but stuffed pork is something that everybody has not tried. You should give your guests the opportunity to try something different and unique. The unique colors and presentation will surely amaze your guest’s taste buds. You can add spinach to make it even more delicious and amazing. This is also very easy to prepare.  This will surely impress your guest’s taste buds.


Kids or adults, Tacos is something every guest loves. You can make it vegetarian tacos or non-vegetarian tacos, the choice depends upon you and your guests. The crispy crunch from outside and soft vegetables and meat inside will surely delight your guest’s taste buds. There are so many tacos you can try like Mexican tacos, Tacos Al Pastor, chicken tacos and grilled shrimp tacos. If you want then you can serve this with the homemade sauce.


There are no single people on this planet, who doesn’t love pizza. Pizza is something that everybody loves. You can make it in your own flavors that will match your guest’s taste buds. This is something that is worth trying and not having pizza at your summer party will make your party boring and less entertaining. Even if you are hosting a pool party or a garden party, pizza will surely amaze your taste buds any day. You can even make healthy by adding different vegetable and you can also add chicken or different sausage.

Crispy Chicken Taquitos

 Crispy Chicken Taquitos is filled with shredded chicken and cheese. You can delight your health-conscious guests then you can serve baked chicken taquitos. The best part is, you can serve this with your favorite dipping and your guests are going to love this no matter what. If you don’t go through the overall process, then you can go buy chicken taquitos from the store and all you have to do is fry or bake.

Brownie with Ice-Cream

Your summer part is incomplete without ice-cream. You cannot forget to add dessert in your food menu and this is something that every guest is going to love it. This is very easy to prepare and your guests are going to love it in no time. This delicious and yummy dessert is served with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. You must add this to your food menu.


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