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Top 10 Best Roof Rails and Roof Racks



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Roof rails and racks often trouble us, yet are crucial when it comes to using them for various occasions. When you are going to the beach or for a camp or spending some time with your family. For these special times with your family and friends, you would not want to load the inside of your car with accessories or luggage. Skiing equipment for skiing, adventure equipment for hiking or trekking, swimming essentials for a dip in the pool are difficult to fit with the existing luggage. So, to do both the things efficiently, car roof racks and rails make things easier for you. 

They are widely popular in today’s date and are a necessity for every car owner. Be it an SUV or a Cruiser, you will not regret installing them on your car roof. In the old days, they hindered the overall look of the car. A few bars on top of your car, made it look more like a taxi. Albeit, the tables have turned now! You can choose one as per your requirement and can travel while saving ample space. So, here we are to make the picking process seamless for you, here are the ten best roof racks and rails:

SportRack complete roof rack system:

The SportRack complete roof rack system rack is one of the vital categories when it comes to racks, and it seldom fails to appeal. It is true to its name and adds a sporty look to your vehicle. It is ideal for you if you are a sporty individual and love trying various sports with your friends and family. These racks are lightweight and robust fiber racks, small in size, and they fulfill the job like no other. Be it a hike in the mountains or a bike ride in the hills; you can carry all the equipment with these racks. Plus, they do not even deteriorate the look of your SUV. With the appropriate arrangement, you can also put some of your extra luggage up there with the sports equipment. Their regular size is between 54 and 57 inches.

Surco removable deck rack:

The Surco removable deck rack is for the modern-day smart traveler who travels miles with making the optimum utilization of the available space. With them available in the market, the perception of roof racks being space consuming is no longer valid. They are, in fact, the most compact and mobile kind of rack that you could find while looking for one. These racks come in a very compact, yet robust design and are available almost everywhere. Their stainless-steel design is very efficient and makes them fit easily to nearly all car designs, and the best part about them is that they are fully removable. They are available in the 54-inch and 57-inch variants. Plus, you can remove them and take your car around for a casual spin. These racks are an ideal example of saving space and doing the job. 

For heavy-duty applications:

Car racks are not only for picnics and adventures, but they are also essential sometimes to move things from place to place. In these kinds of work, there may be times when you might have to move things that are heavier than usual. For these tasks, you need racks that can take more load than the conventional ones. This heavy-duty rack, also known as Slimline II pick-up roof rack system, is high in tensile strength; while the regular frames of 53.5 by 56.1 inches can take about 100 kgs of load, they can take around 330 kgs of cargo with ease. If you are moving your house, you can carry things with these roof racks around without worrying about the roof. 

 Slimline II rails:

You would not want to miss any single thing while you are going for a picnic with your family or an outing with friends. Compromising on some essential elements due to lack of space should not be an issue anymore. Despite having your bags filled, you still would want to accommodate some of the other things in it. But for the comfort of traveling, you often omit that thing out of your list. The Slimline II roof racks rails are designed specifically for that one person who always carries more luggage. They are simple square bars whose dimensions are 53.5 by 56.1 inches and are installed on the top of your roof and are quite sturdy in operation. 

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Inno aero based roof rack:

These racks are easy on your pockets and do the job while being efficient. Inno aero based roof rack system is affordable, and you can attach it on the roof of almost any car, and they would look presentable. The design of these racks varies with the category that you choose, and they fit on all vehicles. You can install them on the roof by yourself, as well. They mostly come in the 54-inch variant. This is the universally acceptable size, and they even come with rubber locks that fit seamlessly. They are available at a price that is lesser than the monthly maintenance of your car. Despite the low price, there is no compromise on quality; they are made by keeping in mind the aerodynamics and look quite appealing. 

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Rhino-rack topper racks:

The Rhino-rack topper racks are more suitable for a tourist vehicle or a family that travels regularly. These racks are available in the 50-, 54-, and 55-inch variants. The racks are mainly used to keep all those extra bags on top and keeping the interiors comfortable to travel. You can also use them if you are going for some sports or some adventure activity. You can pile all your extra equipment up on the roof, without the fear of it getting damaged. Also, since they are there in the market for quite some time, they are one of the oldest yet one of the most reliable racks. 

Pro-Rac Pro-file crossbars : 

While most cars have visible rails, some have concealed railings. This is the ideal fit for those cars. Many such vehicles demand something more modern to go with their looks. Looking for one such rack can be a tricky task for most. Well, your search ends here! There is now a solution to this, the Pro-Rac Pro-file crossbars. It has a simple design and is made up of high polymer aluminum, which is suitable for heavy applications as well. They come with a 5-year warranty and are sturdy. These 54-inch racks are easily installable and enhance the look of your car along with doing the task for which you install them. Though they have a standard size, they are available in other sizes as well to best suit your vehicle. 

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Rhino-Rack 2500 series:

The Rhino-Rack 2500 series racks are by far the most natural racks that you can install on the roofs of your cars. They come with rubber locks that are adjustable as per the rails of your vehicle. Available in several sizes as per your car, they can fit in between the rails of most cars. These racks are more suitable for the SUVs, and the cruisers as most of them have tracks, and the addition of racks gives them an edgier look. The best part about them is the adjustable size and the lifetime warranty. Due to the adjustable height, the racks can be adjusted and locked then and there to the rails.

Rhino-Rack ski and snowboard racks:

This rack is especially for the ones who regularly visit the alps for skiing, surfing, etc. The most challenging task while doing snow sports is not doing them; it is keeping the equipment while traveling. You cannot keep them inside the car, as they are long and dangerous. This goes for most of the snow sports equipment. You will not have to worry about the stuff with the Rhino-Rack ski and snowboard racks. There is a section where you can separately place the surfing board, which occupies much space in the car. The length of the rack from inside is 9.84 inches/ 250mm for carrying the ski boards. They are available in multiple sizes as per your requirement. Even the skiing sticks have a part for them, besides there is undoubtedly room to put other luggage.

CargoLOc rooftop aluminum crossbars:

There are no height restrictions for a car in most places, but there are restrictions in a few. The roof racks and railings do add to the height of the vehicles. It may be impossible to carry your carry to such places. Well, this does not have to be true. There is railing designed while keeping this in mind, these racks and railings only use the minimum required height. It is the CargoLOc rooftop aluminum crossbars, with only the minimum essential height is there on these racks; they hardly add any height to the overall height of the car. Plus, they are sturdy and heavy-duty, so there is no compromise on their actual purpose. They come in the standard 54-inch variant.

These were the top ten racks that you would want to install on your car roof. They come in many categories and serve most of the applications. You can avoid them for the daily needs of your car, but they become pivotal when using your vehicle for trips and adventures. Also, to keep the interior of your car spacious, you will not have to compromise on the essentials. If there is anything that racks do except making the task easy for you is to enhance your car’s look.

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