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Tips that will help you get a luxury kitchen within a tight budget




It can be really difficult to upgrade a kitchen especially when you are on a budget. However, you don’t always have to renovate it luxuriously and can still tweak the design a little without spending a lot. With a few tricks and hacks, you can make space look beautiful and gorgeous. Here are a few kitchen styling ideas that will make your kitchen look fabulous.

Revamp your hardware

If your kitchen comprises large cabinets as well as drawers then use new hardware for each to make it look stunning and attractive. The old hardware can be given a new look by adding knobs as well as pulls. However, make sure that the design of both matches. Additional knobs and pulls should accentuate the look of your kitchen. Invest in the right hardware and you will see how quickly the appearance changes.

Add greenery to your space

Want your kitchen to look luxurious? Add some greenery to it! Your kitchen will start looking posh and better when you add small adorable plants to it. Some of the best luxury kitchens London have green corners that improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can keep your plants scattered throughout the place or opt for a single large plant that is placed on the island or counter.

Upgrade the Lighting

If you wish to spend really less but make a huge impact on your kitchen then go for good lighting. Luxurious lighting adds a finishing touch to your kitchen. You can choose from chunky lights that are colorful to dispersed lighting with a neutral color. Experimenting with various shapes and sizes of the lighting is also a great way of adding a designer look to your space.

Add Classy Accessories

Want your kitchen to stand out? Introduce unusual as well as quirky elements and accessories throughout your kitchen. You may add attractive ferns, personal mementos, as well as interesting textiles to create a unique ambiance. It is very simple and would not cost you much. Instead of changing each and every component of your kitchen, you can add gorgeous accessories to the kitchen.

Accentuate with a rug

Most of the German kitchens have textiles which make the kitchen look captivating. Want to add a splash of color to your mundane and dull kitchen? Opt for a rug or a runner to add warmth to space. It also makes the area comfortable while cooking and adds a splash of color. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enhance the look of your kitchen. If painting the kitchen is not on cards then add rugs to give your kitchen an all-new look. Moreover, rugs can be easily cleaned and so there is no hassle of worrying about cleanliness. You can go for any material as per your convenience and preference.

Add counter stools

Not all kitchens have the space to accommodate new furniture. If you want to add some edgy furniture without occupying much space then opt for counter stools. They come in intriguing materials as well as shapes and would add a unique touch to your space. If your kitchen doesn’t have a bar area then you can add a single colorful stool to the kitchen. This can be used to rest while cooking and will dramatically enhance the design too.

Hanging artwork

If you feel as if the walls are looking monotonous then add artwork to your kitchen. The artwork you choose will speak volumes about your personal style. You can go for a chunky piece of design that draws attention to one place or even put dispersed small photos up on the wall. Bid adieu to the boring pictures of fruit baskets and vegetable paintings. Experiment with colors and designs by adding vintage paintings or portraits to add a classy vibe to the kitchen.

Thus, you can revamp your kitchen within the budget to make it look expensive and luxurious. Your entire kitchen will get a refreshing look with the above-mentioned tips.