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Tips on Selecting the Ideal Ladder Rack for your Ford Transit



A ladder rack comes as an important addition to your van when you constantly transport heavy equipment. If you are a plumber, builder or other types of the contractor, you need to have a look at the current capacity of your Ford Transit, or other vehicles, and look for appropriate ladder racks to add onto the roof. The fact that there are countless models of ladder racks in the market may create some level of confusion when making a choice, but when you understand your needs, the process will be simpler.

Here, are some of the benefits that you will gain from installing a quality ford transit ladder racks to handle your extra cargo.

Your cargo will be safely tied to the top of the vehicle when you are moving from one point to the other. There is nothing that complicates the safety of road users than vehicles that are hauling cargo, but it is not safely fastened onto the top of the vehicle. Your safety and that of the other road users is, therefore determined by how well you optimize your storage.

Enhancing the storage capacity of the van. As mentioned, a contractor will need to haul a lot of equipment from one point to the other on a daily basis. When you are forced to cram the ladder inside the van along with all the other equipment, you reduce the space available for the other items. When you have a ladder rack installed on the roof, you open up space for the storage of other items inside the van.

When you buy and install the right type of ladder rack, you will be increasing the efficiency of your crew in the long run. It makes little sense to have your staff wasting 20 minutes of every call they get trying to access the ladder. When it is perched on top of the van, retrieving and putting it back will be quite simple.

There are many other benefits which come with the installation of the ladder rack. Here, are the considerations that need to be part of your rack selection checklist.

1. The materials used to make the rack

One crucial thing van owners need to understand is that the rack is perhaps the part of the van with the most exposure to the elements of weather. The exposure means that the rack will be prone to damages such as rusting, and corrosion. It is, therefore, crucial to making sure that the ladder is made from rust-resistant materials. Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the creation of the racks. If the ladder rack is made of another material, ask the supplier if it has been painted or powder coated. The paint acts as a barrier between the rack and the environment, preventing the formation of rust on the rack.

2. The safety features on the rack

The second and important consideration to make when looking for an appropriate ladder rack is the safety features included in the design. As mentioned, you do not want your ladder and other cargo coming undone when you are speeding on the highway and endangering the lives of other motorists. To prevent this from happening, pick a ladder that has the right safety features, especially when it comes to fastening the ladder.

3. The ease of access

Another consideration that you need to think about carefully is the ease of access to the ladder. There are ladder racks that require you to manually climb on top of the van and attach the ladder. On the other hand, there are others which come with a hydraulic lift system. The hydraulic lift system makes it easy to access the ladder and replace it in the evening after work.

4. Compatibility

Not all the ladder systems which are available in the market will be compatible with your Ford van. Before you choose a rack, you need to ask the supplier how it will fit on top of the vehicle. Take the measurements on top of your van and see if they match the length of the rack. The type of fastening that will be done to the vehicle also matters a lot. Before choosing a ladder system, you need to check all the available choices with the seller and ask for their advice on the best-suited one to your situation.

5. The capacity

The capacity of the ladder depends on two things, the strength of the material used to make it, and space which is left after the ladder is fastened. The advantage which comes with getting a large enough ladder rack is that in addition to the ladder, you can fasten other parts of your cargo there, leaving you more space to carry other items inside the van.

These are some of the considerations that you ought to think of when choosing a rack. As a van owner, understand that the durability of the rack will depend on the material used to make the rack, and also the use and maintenance that you apply to it. It is, therefore, recommended that you try and educate your staff about the use of the ladder rack. Proper handling, cleaning, and repainting when the paint starts wearing off are some of the measures which you could take to make sure that the ford transit ladder racks is in perfect condition. With proper selection and maintenance, your rack will serve you faithfully for years.