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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Outfit



The shoes you wear are just as important as the dress or the outfit you rock. Put on the wrong pair of shoes, and the entire look can appear odd or out of place. Pick the right pair, however, and you will shine. Wearing the right pair of shoes is also how you accentuate the right parts of your body depending on the look you want to achieve.
There is no definite set of rules on what shoes to wear with what outfits, but there are a few guidelines and tips you can follow to get it right every time. So, how can you choose the perfect shoes for your outfit? Let’s find out, shall we?

Start with Color

The color you wear is important; the same is true with the color of your shoes. When wearing a black dress, you can get away with leopard print shoes or a nude pair. Wearing red with a formal black dress, on the other hand, isn’t something you want to do.

Colors are easier to work with when you know how to mix them. One of the best investments you can make in shoes is buying a gorgeous pair of black heels, since the color and the type works with a lot of your outfits. Blacks and darker colors are easy to pair with dresses and pants.

Nudes are also relatively neutral. This color creates the illusion of length and shape, making it perfect for when you are wearing a shorter dress and you want to accentuate the shape of your legs. Nudes are also easy to pair with more complex pieces such as a dress with gems or embroidery.

It is also safe to go with matching colors, although you don’t want to take this rule too far. Pairing a red dress with a red pair of high heels is fine. Adding a red handbag and a red hat to the mix isn’t. When you do go with matching colors, add a dash of a complementary color to the look.

Lastly, we have patterns and textures. Patterns are exciting to play with, but only when you can get it right. A simple top works well with leopard or striped shoes. Switching that simple top with a leopard minidress will push the look over the top.

Know What to Wear

The perfect pair of shoes to wear depends on the look you want to pull off. Pairing a minidress with sneakers may seem like a great idea, but the look only works when you strike the right balance between the outfit and the kind of sneakers you wear.

Mixing and matching is always a balancing act, but there are some basic principles you can follow to get started. A sporty dress works with flats and sneakers. You can also opt for slip-ons if you want a more casual vibe to prevail.

A casual dress is the perfect match for your favorite pair of wedges. You still have the option to wear high heels or slippers, but wedges offer the right balance for this look. Add a dash of color or shade to the entire look, and you are all set for a casual or semi-formal gettogether.

Business or office attire is best worn with high heels. Even when you think you can pull off a pair of wedges or shorter heels for comfort, the combination will still appear out of place when you pay attention to it. Fortunately, there are a lot of comfortable pairs of high heels on the market.
An open evening dress is best worn with a pair of sandals with straps, although high heels would work in some occasions. Switch to a more formal evening dress, however, and sandals with straps are no longer your best bet. You’ll look more beautiful wearing a pair of comfortable dress shoes.

Dress for Comfort

Speaking of comfort, many women’s shoes put comfort first and style second these days. There is a growing demand for comfortable shoes in different categories, so don’t be surprised to find more options when looking for comfortable dress shoes for women.

Comfort is important indeed, especially when you consider the amount of time you will spend in the shoes you select. The average evening party lasts four hours or more depending on the occasion, so you know you have a lot to endure in the shoes you wear.
Choosing a comfortable pair of shoes starts with determining the right size and shape. You want a pair that fits nicely, but not too tightly that they begin to hurt your toes. A pair too big isn’t recommended either, because oversized shoes are even less comfortable to wear.

Next, you want to break the pair in. Breaking in a new pair of shoes allows it to regain its flexibility after a long and rigorous manufacturing process. Here’s a secret I always use whenever I need to break in a new pair of shoes quickly: I use a hairdryer.

Warm your new pair up using a hairdryer and try wearing them for a few minutes. Repeat the step several times until you are fully comfortable with your new pair. You can wear thick socks (yes, even with high heels) to make this process faster and more comfortable too. Don’t worry, no one is looking.

Mind the Accessories

You are getting closer to the perfect pair to wear, but there are a few more details to look into. Accessories and accents added to the shoes affect the vibe they produce. Thick ankle straps on heels, for instance, make your legs look shorter. The same can be said for heels that are more than 4 inches tall, particularly when you have shorter legs.

Strappy designs are also not recommended for professional, work-related occasions. They are meant to be worn to a sizzling evening party where it is okay for you to steal the attention.
At this point, you should know exactly the pair of shoes to wear with your next outfit. Don’t forget to play with colors, use different types of shoes to your advantage, and take comfort into consideration the next time you search for the perfect shoes for your outfit.

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