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Tips for buying a condo in North Carolina



Buying a property, house or a condo is a big decision to make. If you are thinking about buying a condo in North Carolina, then you should know all the facts. From prices to where to move and how. By reading this text you will know all the information you need to know about condos in NC.

Moving to North Carolina

Is moving to NC a good idea? Think twice and make a decision. If it is your dream, then fulfill it. Moving is a big life event, so you should be fully prepared. Before you hire movers, make sure you calculated everything. Where you will live? How to choose a good condo for you, etc.? Most people move to NC because of the job, so they already know where they will live. But, even if you do know where you are going to live, tips for buying a condo in North Carolina are welcome.

Buying a condo in North Carolina – guide

If you are buying a condo in North Carolina for the first time, you will need a lot of tips. Even if you have experience, it is not a simple job to do. It is a big investment, so you have to know all the facts, tips and tricks. Luckily for you, here you can find out everything. So, let’s start.

What are your priorities when buying a condo?

Price, style, city…it all depends on your need and priorities. Do you want good schools for your children or a good nightlife? North Carolina has a lot of amazing cities to offer. Your only job is to set up your priorities and a budget. When you know exactly what you want, your real estate agent will find a condo very fast.  

Hire a realtor

Find a good realtor. A good realtor is necessary when you are looking for a condo, house, vacation house, etc. they know more about prices, homes, paperwork…Your buying will be much easier with help from a realtor and real estate agent. Especially if you are not from North Carolina.

Start searching for your new home

Search online or any way you want. Yes, your real estate agent will help you, but you can start with searching before you hire one. There are many real estate websites where you can find your new dream condo. Also, you can see the lasts trends and styles. Maybe you will like something different than usual.

Negotiate with condo sellers

Be free to negotiate with sellers and tell them your price. Maybe you can meet in the middle. Put an offer to a real estate company or to sellers directly.

Get your home loan from the bank

If you need to get a loan from the bank, go there before you start searching for homes in North Carolina. First, you should get preapproval from them. When a seller sees your preapproval letter, you will have more chances to buy that condo you want. After that, when you know that you will buy a condo, get your mortgage approval and buy it. Of course, if you do not need a loan, then you can skip this step.

Inspect your new home before buying

The previous step you can skip, but this step DO NOT SKIP. Check out everything. Hire professionals to check electricity, water installation, walls, etc. If you need to repair the whole condo, it is not worth it. So, before buying, make sure you know everything about that condo you want to buy.

Average condo prices in North Carolina

Money is a big factor when buying a condo in North Carolina or anywhere else. Before moving you should get all the right information and to be prepared, financially too. The average home price for a North Carolina is about $190,000. From the November 2017 to December 2018 a home price has gone up for 9.1%. So, if you want to buy a condo or a house here in North Carolina, you should hurry up because prices are growing constantly. The average price per square foot is about $131.

Best places in NC for buying a condo

Where to buy a condo in NC? Here are some examples where you can buy your perfect home in NC. These cities are growing, and they are very affordable. You can choose one of these places, or you can pick another one too.

  • Fuquay Varina – a median home value is $220,000 which is very affordable. So, hire assistance for your relocation to Fuquay Varina, NC and hurry up. 73 percent of the population is owning a home here in Fuquay Varina. If you want to be one of the owners, move here.
  • Holly Springs – the population is 32,000 and 85 percent of them are owning a home. That is a very good sign to follow when buying a condo in North Carolina. Median home value is $265,000, that is a little bit higher, but it is worth it.
  • Stokesdale – it is a small town, but it has a lot to offer. A median home price is only $190,000. It is also perfect for families too. It has good public schools, it is diverse, and it has a low crime rate.
  • Charlotte – most people want to live in big cities. Charlotte is one of the cities where you can buy a perfect condo for you. Median home value is $190,000 which is very affordable for a big city such as Charlotte. Take your change and be part of this amazing city in NC.


Buying a condo in North Carolina is a good idea, but only if you know what you are doing, and you have all the right information. Set your budget and choose your dream home. North Carolina is a beautiful state with a lot of amazing cities. Good luck with your moving and buying your condo in NC.