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Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioners play an essential role to help us beat the scorching heat of the summer months. Life is difficult to imagine without a properly working air conditioner.



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Air conditioners play an essential role to help us beat the scorching heat of the summer months. Life is difficult to imagine without a properly working air conditioner. People but the AC models with the latest technology and features to keep their homes fresh.

Just like we maintain our cars and other vehicles, our air conditioner also requires timely service and maintenance to function with its maximum potential. It will help the AC to avoid emergency breakdowns, and it will use minimum energy. The following tips should be kept in mind to maintain your AC.

You should know about your air conditioner

It is very vital to have a basic knowledge about the parts and components of your AC. You should know about their function so that you can detect whenever something is wrong with your AC. Thoroughly go through the owner’s manual that comes along with your AC.

Get your AC serviced regularly. Minor problems can be solved yourself. But if you don’t know what to do, it is always best to call a professional technician to help you.

Properly clean or replace the air filter

The air filter is one of the essential parts of your air conditioner. During summers, when you extensively use your AC, the filter should be cleaned once a month for proper working. It is generally located at the back or side of your system. The primary function of the filter is to clean the air flowing through the system. 

When the filter gets clogged with dust particles, dirt, and other contaminants, your AC will not work correctly and use a lot of energy to provide cooling. Also, the air quality of your room will decline, and this can be unhealthy.

Regularly check the wiring of your AC 

Always remember to turn off the power supply when examining your AC else it can be dangerous. Then remove the access panel of your system and take a look at the wiring. Check if there is overheating which is indicated by melted wires, blackened wires, etc.

Check if the electrical connections are tight. Also, examine the capacitors. If any of this problem persists, replace the wiring or other parts as soon as possible else it can damage your AC. It’s better to call an electrician to carry out this work. Do not try to access the electrical parts if you don’t have any experience in it.

Use an advanced programmable thermostat 

A thermostat maintains the temperature of the AC according to the temperature of your room. You don’t have to change the AC settings manually; the thermostat will do this function. A thermostat sets a higher temperature when your home is empty, and it cools the house when you’re about to reach home. It also saves a lot of energy and reduces your energy bill. You won’t have to run the AC all day when no one is at home.

Regularly clean the outdoor unit of your AC

Over an extended period, dust, dirt, leaves and other waste can collect on the outdoor unit of your AC. It will reduce its capacity and reduce the airflow of your AC. Turn off the power supply and wash the outdoor unit carefully. Make sure you do not damage or bend the fins on the coil as it will reduce the efficiency of your AC.

You should also check the fan located in the outdoor unit and make sure it’s working correctly. If any blade is damaged, make sure to replace it as soon as possible. You should also regularly oil the fan motor.

Regularly clean the condensate drain 

Another vital part of your AC is the condensate drain. Its primary function is to drain the condensed water from the system. The drain may clog over time which will affect your system’s drainage. It will also increase the humidity level in your room.

If there is any problem relating to the drainage of water, you need to immediately check the compensate drain and unclog it so that your AC works properly. You can also call a technician if you face problems in doing it yourself.

Regularly check the fins. 

There are small aluminium fins present on both the evaporator and condenser coils. Over time dirt, dust, debris, and other wastes may get collected over the fins. It is vital to keep the fins clean for normal functioning of the AC. 

Sometimes the fins can also bend or get out of shape. One can easily buy a fin comb and use it to bring the fins back to their original positions. If you don’t do this, it will affect the airflow coming out of the AC. As a result, your AC will consume more energy than usual. 


It is usual for an AC to get faulty over time, but timely service and maintenance will keep it working for an extended time. These tips for maintaining your AC will be quite useful and make your AC work efficiently. If you are not comfortable carrying out these tips yourself, always feel free to call professional services like air conditioning installation Darwin to service your AC.