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Tips and Tricks on How to Redesign your Bathroom



There was probably nothing wrong with your bathroom’s initial design but you might have grown tired of it over the years. Since this is a room in which you are supposed to relax, with a bubbly bath perhaps, you mustn’t feel dull at any moment. That is why it is worthwhile exploring what is new in the 2019 bathroom design trends and perhaps apply some of the solutions to your bathroom. Even the slightest of changes you make will be noticed both by your family and visitors and they are bound to commend your new design. If you are anxious to begin remodeling but don’t know where to start, here are some tips and trick on how to spruce up your bathroom.

And remember, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, just make a good remodeling plan.

Dark shades

The color the bathroom has, and we are not referring solely to walls, can make or break its visual appeal. When designing the bathroom, you first have to introduce an overall color scheme so you don’t end up with a room full of different colors resembling a circus. The choice of the color is up to you but the trend is to go with dark colors such as black and all its mate and glossy shades. The best fixtures to color black are perhaps vanities and cabinets, as painting the walls would be biting more than you can chew. You wish to be trendy without having to spend a fortune.

Just remember one thing – it’s your private spa, make it lovely for you and your family.

Redesigning the tiles

Ceramic tiles can cover more than the floor and the walls. They could be placed on the ceiling as well, for that 3D fancy look. Furthermore, their shape should not be plain rectangular, but you can experimentize. Especially in vogue are beehive-like hexagon tiles that are smaller in size than the standard ones. This makes them suitable for creating mosaics that can be placed on the floor or on walls. If placed on the wall, you will turn your bathroom into an ad hoc art gallery. Don’t worry, the tiles will still protect the wall from water damage, but oh boy, will they paint a pretty picture. Finally, the material some of the tiles are made of could be glass, so they would reflect light, creating a prism effect.

A new washbasin

Besides the tub and the shower, the most iconic part of any well-designed bathroom is the washbasin. Its color, quality, and positioning influence the atmosphere in the entire bathroom. When it comes to conventional basins, they are either free-standing, mounted directly onto the wall or they are integrated into the vanity. However, if you have room enough, like most bathrooms have in stately Australian houses, then your washbasin can be placed onto the vanity so it would protrude as some sort of a fruit bowl. People shopping for bathroom supplies in Sydney are likely to enquire about such washbasins as retailers are seeing a rise in their sales. If you want to go for a bold design solution, then choose a color other than stock white or even ditch ceramics by choosing a metallic washbasin.

Concrete features

Tiles are still popular but there is a new material making its way onto the bathroom design scene. Concrete is growing more popular as it conveys that feeling of roughness that is quite contemporary. Its main advantage is the fact that is extremely easy to apply. All you need to do is strip down the tiles from one wall, clean it thoroughly from adhesive residue and waterproof it. You determine the texture of the wall and the color, as it can be subsequently colored once exposed. Our advice would be to leave it as it is, as the natural greyness of concrete gives the bathroom that hip industrial look.

Alter the lighting scheme

No matter how well-lit your bathroom is, it is going to need a lot of extra light during night time. No lighting scheme is perfect, so it can always be improved. There are several types of lighting, such as floor lights or ambient lights but what they have in common is the fact that each and every corner of your bathroom needs to be visible. This means placing a light fixture above the bathroom mirror so you won’t have trouble putting makeup on or shaving. In addition, you can mount wall lamps in the far corners of the bathroom. Even the walk-in shower could benefit from a specialized waterproof lighting.

The most important thing

Really, after long and stressful day at your work all you need is to relax. That’s why your bathroom needs to look nice. You don’t want to get home, plan your bubble bath and get annoyed by your bathrooms look. Bathroom for many people represents private oasis where they can find inner peace, relax with glass of your favorite wine and enjoy the silence.

Last words

The tips and tricks listed here are just part of the trend for the next season, so be sure to do some more research before you start redesigning the bathroom. Oh yeah, always choose the best quality fixtures because you want them to last.

Enjoy your bubble bath, you deserve it!

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.