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Three Hair Disasters and How Best to Deal with Them



Your hairstyle, color, and cut are one of the first things that people notice about you. It’s what helps to set that first impression, give a little insight into your personality, and should highlight all your best features. With that said, people can spend a fair amount of time primping and priming their hair, making sure it’s “just right”. So what happens when you are suddenly faced with a hair disaster horror? You know the type, it’s when you have a certain image in your head and the results are as far from that image as possible.

Here we’ll take a look at three of the most common hair disasters that people can fall victim too, as well as some workable solutions that you can use.

The haircut is Too Short

This is a problem tends to happen to everyone at one time or another. You go in for a simple trim, only to leave feeling like you’ve been shaved bald. What do you do when your haircut is much shorter than you anticipated and feel comfortable with? The good news is, of course, it’s hair, it will grow back, but that doesn’t solve your immediate issues.

If you’re feeling really insecure about the length, and just don’t think you can cope with it, temporary hair extensions can be a great option. You can even opt for the clip-in style that you can use at home on your own. If extensions aren’t for you, then you can always get another cut that incorporates long bangs and layers that help to blend it all in together and make it appear fuller.

Color Gone Wrong

A hair color gone all wrong is another common problem, especially when people choose to color their hair at home with box dyes. Hairstylists have gone through plenty of training where hair color is concerned, whereas the typical person picking up a box dye off the shelf has zero experience or training. The end result can be uneven color, a color that didn’t take properly, orange or green-hued hair, too light or too dark of a color, and severely damaged hair. This is when a color correction will most likely be necessary.

Color correction is a pretty broad term as it encompasses a wide range of processes and steps, depending on the damage that has been done and the desired outcome. It’s best to visit a professional for this process since it can include so many steps and experience. You can read more about color correction here.

Layers That Aren’t Even

Then there is the issue of uneven layers. Layers are a very popular technique that helps to add volume, movement, texture, and shape to hairstyles but the key is that they need to be properly placed and blended. Layers that aren’t even or that are too choppy will give off an unfinished look. For short layers, the only option tends to be to wait and let them grow out a bit, or you can have layers cut shorter to help with the blend. If you don’t want additional layers added, you can ask for advice on styling techniques.

The great thing about hair disasters is that there is often a solution that can at least make the issue more manageable.

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