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This App Facilitates Home Delivery of Healthcare Services



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As per the latest statistical reports, the cost of handling 30 billion healthcare transactions is $250 billion. The availability of smart phones and the increase in the number of users has crossed the mark of 1.5 billion. This is where the healthcare system can find a great application to provide a better service worldwide. By the end of 2016, the mobile application market in healthcare system has crossed $400 million. The use of Mobile Apps in Medication Management and healthcare management will revolutionize the industry by bringing more convenience and easement for the patients and healthcare professionals.

How mobile healthcare apps are helping us

The operational benefits of using these mobile apps for the healthcare industry have reduced the cost and increased the functionality of the system. Here are the benefits that healthcare industry enjoys with the advanced mobile application development.

  • Patient information and other useful data right on the finger tips. The access to this information quicker will enable the healthcare professional to make decisions faster and better.
  • The delivery of medicines and services via the mobile applications will also make patient care better. The field staff can now coordinate with each other and can utilize their time properly. The productivity of the management team will automatically increase.
  • The applications will also bring organized home care for the senior and critical patients.

Best mobile applications in healthcare

Considering all the benefits of the mobile application development in this industry, below is the list of Top Mobile App for Health Care that is changing the dimension in a beautiful way.

  • Medication management

These are the applications that a patient can use to manage his/her medications every day. The timely intake of the medications prescribed by the doctors will lead to a proper recovery and lifestyle disease management.

  1. Dosecast

This app is considered as the best among the Healthcare Apps 2018 that allows a patient to enter the name of the medication he is using. This platform offers apt information regarding the medicine, dosage, and other valuable information a patient needs to know. In fact, this app can also remind a patient regarding a particular dose during the daytime. The entry of the specific information also allows the patient to track the number of doses, supply, and the dosage left to take every day.

  1. MedHelper

MedHelper is also a renowned application with a similar set of functions. Here, you can easily avail the specific information regarding a particular product. You can also manage and ma9intain the dosage time via the scheduling platform. The probable side effects and adverse reactions of the medications can also be checked. The notifications of the app also enable a patient to remember and take a dose of the prescribed medications daily.

  1. Mango Health

This is a typical medical app that allows a user to maintain a proper regime of dosage, set reminders for procurement, and also to achieve healthy habits. In fact, this particular application can also keep a track on your weight, blood pressure, and other vitals.

  1. CareZone

CareZone allows the user to make a list of all the medications he is using by taking photos of the labels. The information will help the user to maintain the stock, keep a track on the dosage, and check the vitals over a time span. This platform is smart enough to guide the patient to take medications on time and make a better impact on health.

  • Healthcare management

The mobile applications are also a way to connect and interact with various caregivers on a healthcare platform so that a patient can be highly benefitted from the coordination. This is one of the ways How Mobile App Will Benefit In Medical Industry. From doctors to nurse, pharmacists to homecare professionals, everyone will be excellently connected via these platforms and can utilize their skills to make a patient recover quickly.

Here is the list of potential applications for the medical professionals that are making a difference.

  1. AirStrip

It is a mobile app offering an interoperable platform allowing the healthcare professionals to take care and coordinate their services properly. The care settings in the app are very useful for exchanging information, accessing patient data, records, etc. The platform can be accessed via multiple devices which makes it even better for hospitals, on the move service professionals, etc.

  1. ITriage

This is a remarkable mobile app that allows a patient to find his or her condition and avail the specific information regarding taking care. The app provides organized guidance for the patients so that they can perfectly follow the protocol and also find out the changes very quickly due to upgrades. This app also guides a patient regarding previous and upcoming claims to be done.

  1. CareAware Connect

This is a perfect mobile solution that offers an innovative platform for the medical professionals to manage and complete workflow. The clinical communication setup in this mobile app is ideal to connect multiple professionals and work as a team. The degree of disruption due to multiple case handling will be reduced to a huge extent due to the excellent coordination offered by the app. This app also provides the facility to generate barcodes in order to manage medications, care, and administration prescribed for a patient.

  1. DSS Inc.

DSS Inc. is a typical electronic health record access platform that is boosting the patient care system in an elegant way. This mobile care platform also provides a set of administrative and clinical tools for the users that can be operated via a mobile or a PC.


The development of Healthcare Apps for Patients has clearly revolutionized the industry offering the best care for the patients. The implementation of the mobile applications will shorten the downtime of providing a prescribed care to the patient. In fact, the use of the resources will be optimized too. The integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other programming features will also make these apps smarter day by day. The days of robotic healthcare are not far.

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