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Things you should know: How to cut down on your electricity bills?



If you are fed up with your monthly energy bills, it is time to opt for a change. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, an occasional energy audit is a must.

As a business owner, watching the fans and other electrical equipment in use while there is no one in the office can be both frustrating and annoying. With just a few right things on your list accompanied with experts that will help you choose the right electrical appliances and equipment that will use less electricity rest assured of optimum electricity utilisation at your home and office.  

Listed below are some of the top ways that will help you cut down on your electricity bills :

Electrical Inspection

Start off with an occasional electrical inspection keeping in mind the safety and security of the people. Make sure you choose a verified trusted and licensed electrical company for the entire electrical inspection of your property. If there is an electrical appliance like Refrigerator, Geyser or Air conditioner which has been working properly for the past 10-15 years, make sure they undergo a thorough inspection ensuring complete safety of your family members. Also, over the time these electrical appliances consume more electricity due to bad wear and tear in their machine parts.

Skylight Installation

One of the most economical modes of saving electricity is skylight installation on your property. Check out some of the best quality, durable skylights that can be easily fitted at the top of the wall ensuring optimum sunlight entrance which will help cut the use of tube lights and bulbs till the time the sun is out.  Skylights are easy to maintain and require occasional cleaning and check-up. For example, offices can have a cafeteria capped with a skylight ensuring zero usage of electricity during breaks and leisure time.

Electrical Rewiring

If you have just moved into an old house on rent, it is extremely important to have an electrical rewiring in the house. As the age of the property increases, it requires more maintenance and care to keep it in good condition, and therefore, with an electrical rewiring rest assured of balanced energy consumption and good condition of the house. Over the time, wires tend to go loose and saggy offering low resistance to the flowing current resulting in an unregulated flow of current all around the property.

Complete Insulation

We are pretty sure you are unable to handle your electrical consumption in winters, right? Well, High watt heaters and geysers juicing out all the money from your pocket is obvious. All you can do is ensure complete insulation of the room when the heater is on so that the room heats up fast with no disturbances from the outside. Also, when you are using the geyser, make sure it has an Auto-cut. Ensure the doors are rubber padded and sealed with no air gaps.

Make the best use of LED Bulbs

Lastly, make the best use of LED bulbs. Replace the entire light source into LED lighting, and you will see a significant drop in your energy bills. For places where the source of light is constant like in parking, driveways, garden etc. install small LED bulbs that require less energy input and give out bright light requiring no additional light. LED bulbs have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past with their low cost and high efficiency.  With the increasing awareness of saving electricity, there has been seen a tremendous transitional shift of the use of LED bulbs and tube lights in-house and offices.

We are pretty sure this article will make living easier and economical with just a few right things on your list. Not just for the environment, a little awareness towards judicious use of electricity will save you a lot of money and energy. Trust an experienced, reliable and licensed Northern Beaches Electrician like ElectroSpark Electrical Services and rest assured of monitored electricity consumption at your home and office. Whether you are dealing with an electrical emergency in the middle of the night or need an expert to look after the entire wiring of the house, ElectroSpark Electrical Services is your one-stop destination.