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Things You Should Know About Your Hepatologist!




The liver is really a delicate organ of the body which requires utmost care as any hindrance to it can impact your whole body. A hepatologist is a specialist that is dedicated towards treating the problems related to liver, gallbladder pancreas and the biliary ducts.

They are not given any separate certification for their education but the specialty requires a fellowship of 2 years. It is considered as the subspecialty of gastroenterology and people seek them after the recommendation of primary care Physician.

You may need to visit him for diagnosis and treatment of various chronic conditions such as Scarring or liver damage, hepatitis infections, liver cancer, drug overdose, Damage to the pancreas or biliary tract, Gallstones and genetic or metabolic liver disease.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that Hepatologist does the complete treatment but do not perform the surgery. He although monitors the pre and post surgery care of the patient.

When you visit a liver specialist for the first time he will review your past and current medical history and prescribe you accordingly. Many times you need to get your blood test done beforehand for your doctor to give an appropriate result.

It is also recommended to dress comfortably and have a good meal before the blood test. To make sure any of your queries don’t remain unresolved, you must make a note of the questions and confusions that you have in your mind.

Before going to a Hepatologist make sure you are making the right decision in choosing him. To find out whether he is board certifies or not, you can search for his information from various resources online.

You may even talk to your insurance provider or your primary care physician. Once you are completely satisfied you may visit him and get yourself treated.