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Things to Keep in Mind While Dealing with a Real Estate Agent



Actually, real estate agents are pleasant people and definitely love to work with people, but some people use to misbehave with agents and don’t know how they have to deal with real estate agents properly and how you have to hire them to work with you. For them here in this article we are discussing bout things that you should prefer to keep in your mind while dealing with a real estate agent:

1. Prefer to be on time during appointments:

While dealing with the real estate agents you should prefer to get on time and if agent will be busy with some other work then it’s better to give him some time to finish what he is doing and then go with you to see the house. Don’t actually make the real-estate agent wait for you.

2. Procedure to choose a real estate agent:

First thing that you should decide before hiring a real estate agent is to think whether you are interested in working without representation, or want to deal straight with listing agents, or else do you want to hire personal agent. After deciding this now you have to take an interview of different agents that you have short listed and with whom you feel comfortable working.

  1. Real estate agents use to work on commission:

You should know that there are very few agents that work on fixed salary, most of them work on commission-based jobs. Most real estate agents work on commission-based jobs which means if they will not close the deal then they will never get the commission. You should know that agents are not civic servants and they will definitely charge you a fee, so don’t work with then if you have intensions to cut the real estate agent out of your deal.

4. Avail the Open House Practice:

You should prefer to ask agent that is it safe and allowed to visit the open house alone, or not. Because there are certain areas where you can’t go to see open houses alone and ask whether owner hold landlord electrical safety certificate or not. You should prefer to show your own agent’s business-card to another agent that is actually hosting the open house. There are times when these hosting agents are the listing agent, but it requires authentication that you are certified person to see the house. All these verifications is important to avoid any type of fraud activity.

5. Know the difference between Listing Agent or Buying Agent:

You should better know the difference between the both. Actually, listing agents use to work for the seller, instead of buyer. So, if you will hire the listing agent then he will prefer to work under dual agency. That could arise different conflicts of interests. Obviously if listing agent will show you any property, then he might act as agent that is representing you. But according to ethics a listing agent is prevent from showing special treatment. But still if you are asking any listing agent to show you property try to offer discount at the price as by doing so he is comprising his integrity.