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Things to Do with Leftover Paint Projects



Many times some amount of paint is left after the completion of painting projects. A few people use leftover paint for some purpose, but most homeowners don’t know what to do. Some people simply throw away the paint, and some keep it for future use that dries with time.

However, there are many things one can do with the leftover paint. You can use them for other purposes and make the best of the leftover paint. This post shares the ideas to make the best use of leftover paint in your house.

Store for future use

You can store the leftover paint for future use. Even if you cannot think of such projects where you can use the paint, you can store it for later. There are many ways you can use the paint, but make sure to store the paint in airtight containers. It is best to get advice from professional painters regarding storage so that the paint does not dry or thicken with time.

Painting the window trims

You can paint the windows and door trims with the leftover paint. If there is a sufficient quantity of paint left, you can also paint the doors and windows. In addition to this, homeowners can use the same to paint the metal fixtures and accessories to protect them from corrosion.

Paint the furniture

Every house has furniture, and homeowners can use leftover paint to paint the furniture items. You can use the paint to offer a completely new look to your chairs, tables, sofa, and any other furniture item. However, you should use the paint on furniture only in case it is suitable for the same. For example, you can paint the furniture with brown, beige, or chocolate color, but not with green, blue, or other bright colors. The color of the paint should be suitable for furniture items and should not look awkward.

Unexpected Pop of color

Homeowners can use the leftover paint to use on an accent wall or fixtures. If you want to decorate a wall in your living room or bedroom, you can use the paint to create an accent. Moreover, you can use the color on a book rack, or study table to decorate the study area. Painting a kid’s chair or table is another good option to use the paint.

Kitchen cabinets and Shelves

Painting the kitchen cabinets and shelves is another way to use the leftover paint from a painting project. If you have plain shelves and cabinets in your kitchen, you can highlight them with a color to make them more appealing.

Create a painting

The best you can do with the leftover paint is to create a painting on a canvas. Yes, if you or any of your family members are fond of painting, you can use the paint for a creation. 

However, this can be challenging for those with no to little experience in painting a canvas. Don’t worry if you are not able to create a good quality painting; you can use a coat of primer to make the slate blank again.

Coat or Primer

Another best way to use the paint is to use it as a coat or primer for windows, door, or a wall. Offering a coat or primer on walls or windows can help you save money on buying the new paint in such projects. You can mix the leftover paint in the new paint of the same type. It means you should mix the acrylic with acrylic and oil-based with oil-based paints only.

Concealed color

Homeowners can decorate a simple desk or dresser with a coat of paint. You can color the sides of a drawer or dresser. To achieve the best results, you can prime the surface before using the latex or oil-based paint on the same. Anyone opening the drawer will be greeted with a surprise of color with which you paint it.

Paint your lights

Another best way to use the leftover paint is to decorate your lighting fixtures like table lamps or wall lamps. Homeowners can refinish the base of lamps with chalk paint and accentuate the lamp details with antiquing wax. However, you should not paint the lamps or their accessories with dark colors as they absorb the light. It is best to use a light color to paint the lamps as it improves the reflection of light in the area.

Paint your fans

The color of ceiling fans becomes dull after a few years of using them. Therefore, it is a good idea to paint the ceiling fans with a color. However, you need to take care not to paint the ceiling fans with primary colors like red, green, or blue as they are dark and can spoil the visual appeal of your ceiling. If you have a light color, it will look best on your fans. Among the dark color, chocolate brown, coffee color or black colors are the most suitable for ceiling fans.

Chalkboard Paint

Kids are fond of creating drawings on the board with chalk, and you can do the same for them. If you have leftover latex paint, you can use the same to create a chalkboard. No, you don’t need expensive chalkboard paint but only need to create your own. You can use these steps to create a chalkboard paint for your kids.

– Take half a cup of acrylic paint and one tablespoon of unsanded grout.

– Put the paint and grout in a mixing cup.

– Transfer the paint to a small bucket and start painting with a brush

Paint a garden wall

If you have a wall in your garden, you can use the paint to color the same. If you have a light-colored paint, it is best to use it on a garden wall as it creates a sharp contrast with the plants and flowers. The plants, shrubs, and flowers are usually dark, and painting the wall in light color creates an excellent visual appeal for your garden.

Paint the planters

Every home has planters in their garden, and painting them is a great idea to make the best of the leftover paint. The planters look well in any color of paint, whether they are dark or light. The paint works very well on planters made of mud or concrete. However, you need to use the right type of paint for plastic containers. You can take help from a painter like residential painters Arncliffe to use the right type of paint as per the material of the planters.

A bold Backsplash

Is an ugly backsplash on your kitchen putting a damper? Instead of installing new tiles that require a lot of time and energy, the current tiles are painted over. A big change required just one-quarter of paint, as well as a few primers, sandpapers, tape painters, and fabric drop. Often consult with the supplier of tiles to determine the right paint and method for the job.

Photo Frames

If you have portraits in your home, you can use the paint to paint their frames in a new color. However, every color may not look good on a photo frame. It is best to first visualize, how the color will look after painting, before actually using the paint on a frame.


If you are underwhelmed by your fireplace, a full redo isn’t your only choice to make it visually appealing. Fireplaces made of tile or brick take painting very well, and a bright colored coat will make your hearth look fresh. 

Donate the paint

Even local schools, churches, theaters, or community centers may donate your painting. These places also require painting for projects and have very small budgets. So, if you don’t want to use the leftover paint and have it in sufficient quantity, you can donate it to a school, church, or community center. With one simple move, you will improve the world and your neighborhood!

Dispose off at a recycling center

If you have oil-based paint, then you can take it to a recycling station as it is dangerous to dispose in open bins. Latex paint can be disposed off at home, but if you have a lot of residual paint and you don’t want to tackle the hassle, you can take it to a place of disposal. If the latex paint is not properly disposed off, it may become toxic.

This is one of the easiest options if you have a recycling center in your city. All you need is to carry the leftover paint in your vehicle to the recycling center, and they will receive it for recycling. However, this should be the last option for homeowners who don’t want to use the paint for anything else.

Final Words

These are some useful ideas to make the most of leftover paint. However, before using the paint in any area of your house, it is best to visualize the final result to know how it will look after painting. Also, homeowners should check whether the paint suits the overall theme of the space in which they want to use the leftover paint. Following these ideas can help homeowners to make the best use of their paint.

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