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Things to avoid after your Amazon Reseller Account is suspended

Amazon, the eCommerce giant has provided a platform to people to sell their products and services through their Amazon MarketPlace.



Things to avoid after your Amazon Reseller Account is suspended

Amazon, the eCommerce giant has provided a platform to people to sell their products and services through their Amazon MarketPlace. You, as a seller can sell any product or service on Amazon which is considered legal by the policies and actions.

The marketplace is growing magically and to stay at par with everyone the seller has to follow the rules and guidelines laid down by Amazon. If these very guidelines are not followed then there are high chances of getting the Amazon seller account suspended.

Where there is a race to prove who’s the best then there’s a cut throat competition as well. And no seller wants to come across a hurdle that reads “Amazon seller account suspended”.it is indeed the world nightmare of any seller.

Many a times the seller wonders “why my amazon seller account is suspended ?” With chances of not getting the appropriate answer as there could be any reason behind it is always advised to avoid few things that may make the process of Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement a lengthy one.

You might lose your patience about your amazon seller account suspended but here are a list of things that you shouldn’t be doing to make it worse.

1. Wait! Calm down and do not rush to send off your first appeal:

It is obvious for you to get impatient but for the processing of your amazon seller account reinstatement, it is important that you make decisions in a calm and sound manner.

The best way to deal with this is amazon appeal letter. You are not required to send the appeal right away. Take your time, read the communication regarding your account suspension, analyse it and then send your amazon appeal letter.

For a hassle free process it is advised to take help of a professional who has experience in preparing these. So why don’t you try ours ! as we have been doing this since a while and quite effectively.

2. Do not create a new amazon seller account:

As a seller you are authorised to have only one Amazon seller account.

No matter what the reason and how long your amazon seller account reinstatement takes do not make a mistake of creating a new account by manipulating the amazon registration process instead concentrate on drafting the best appeal letter and if you are not confident on doing do on your own then hire amazon reinstatement services ASAP.

Remember creating a new account in order to fool amazon would only hamper your image and make amazon seller account reinstatement process next to impossible leading to permanent suspension of both the accounts.

3. Never take legal action against Amazon:

Remember it is Amazon’s house and you are the tenant.Either you work as per their norms or you don’t work at all.

Amazon seller account reinstatement could be time consuming as it requires lots of analysis, attention and a final decision to be made but one shouldn’t lose hope impatiently.

Taking legal actions and threatening amazon would just go against you as the seller support department who want to work it out and and be of great help in reinstatement of your suspended account, but if they learn about the legal action you are planning then they would simply refuse to help.

4. One Amazon seller account suspended appeal is enough:

It is very serious advice that do not bombard Amazon support department with your number of appeals.

You may not receive an immediate reply on submitting your appeal to Amazon but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to help or they have not received your appeal.It would just be that they might be occupied with existing appeals and they are taking their time to evaluate them all.

Sending appeals back to back would show that you’re desperate enough to get this resolved whereas the support wants to analyse everything that went wrong and lead to your seller account suspension.

5. Do not alter or manipulate any paperwork requested by amazon against your amazon seller account reinstatement:

There might be a chance that a complaint from a client regarding the unsatisfactory products or service lead to suspension of your amazon seller account.

If you are suspended because of the inauthentic inventory availed from unauthorized sources for that matter amazon would like to have access to your bills and invoices.

Do not alter any invoice or any paperwork in that matter because even a slightest of change or alteration would trigger a high level of action against you. And further prolong the amazon seller account reinstatement process.

Suspension of Amazon seller accounts happens often.As a seller your role should be to concentrate on drafting your suspension appeal and making things right for your business after taking preventive actions.

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