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The Ultimate Guide to Weathertex Cladding



Weathertex Cladding

Sometimes one lives in land or area that faces extreme weather contrasts. There could be sportingly hot summers and freezing snow of winter or invasive red dust or atmosphere laden with harsh salt air. How does one protect their home and its roof and walls from the impact of such extreme weather? Well, the solution lies in the weathertex cladding. Installing weathertex cladding on your outside walls will save you from heavy rainfall and dust because it is made to withstand heavy winds and rainfall for long period of time so that your inner wall and roof can be protected. Your wall will not sock if you have installed weathertex cladding.

What is Weathertex Cladding?

Weathertex is made of hardwood timber and natural wax and carries the property of water repellency. There is 97% of hardwood timber and % natural wax in the % Weathertex. There are accessory products available in a range of materials such as galvanised steel, polyvinyl chloride, and aluminium. Weathertex cladding adds water resistance and durability once it is applied to a surface.

Weathertex cladding almost 9.5mm thick is recommended for residential and commercial type buildings. The installation systems are pretested for cyclonic and non-cyclonic wind zones and verified for the bushfire standard based on the fire-resistant timber species. While there may be some confusions regarding the timber products and the strict requirements for Weathertex cladding., it is essential to check with the local Building Codes in your area.

Different Weathertex Cladding Weatherboards

There are different cladding weatherboards such as Classic weatherboards, Primelok weatherboards, and Selflok weatherboards.

  • Classic Weatherboards – traditional weatherboard with the imperfections of knots and grains
  • Primelok Weatherboards – made with a Primelok fixing system and easy to install
  • Selflok Weatherboards – factory-made with a self-locking system

The FAQ on Weathertex Cladding

There are some common queries and questions one has in mind when it comes to Weathertex cladding, and here they are:

1. What is Weathertex cladding made of?

It is 97% hardwood timber and 3% natural wax.

2. What are the different colours available?

Weathertex is available in a natural unprimed shade or as primed products to suit the look and preferences of the buyers. The natural appearance carries the look of raw, undressed timber.

3. Is Weathertex safe?

As Weathertex is a reconstituted wood product like wood and wax, it has to meet the Exposure Standards for wood dust to prevent any health effects and thus is 100% safe.

4. Are Weathertex Shingles suitable for roofs?

Weathertex Shingles are not suggested as a roofing material, and there are regulations in most regions to avoid the use of flammable roof materials on houses. However, open can make limited use of Weathertex Shingles over windows or in a garden gazebo.

5. Is Weathertex termite resistant?

The weathertex cladding is warranted against termite attack, and the buyer must insist on a mitigation plan when Weathertex is installed for higher protection and life.

6. Is there a warranty?

When shopping for Weathertex cladding, always check the warranty section. Most of the Weathertex’s natural products are covered by a ten-year warranty, and thus you get a warranty for any rotting, splits or cracks.

When looking for Weathertex cladding services and products, always go to a reputed service provider. Read about the company, its products, and customer care. You can ask them to mail brochures and samples of their earlier projects and products. The idea is to understand their expertise and experience level as well as the product range you can browse. However, you may not be able to see finished homes with Weathertex cladding due to privacy reasons.

The weathertex cladding is a great option to protect your home or building form any damage because of extreme weather elements. It is indeed one of the best protections you could use for any location, whether to safeguard against the sweltering heat of summers or the freezing winters. Sometimes Weathertex cladding is the only reason why a house is able to survive!

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