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The Role of Social Welfare in Society



There are many social welfare organizations working for the betterment of the society. These organizations are not for profit and run on donations made by individuals, corporate and institutions. Organizations that are committed to making a positive change in the society can pick up from a wide variety of social causes, ranging from helping the community to environmental awareness. They carry out a wide range of awareness drives and fundraising activities for the benefit of underprivileged people and the society at large.

These NGOs work in close association with many government agencies for the execution of their welfare projects. There is no financial aid taken from the government, but NGOs need to work closely with the government to make policy changes that can their social cause. They work to address various concerns and issues prevailing within the society.

A well reputed NGO has a panel of experts who are experienced in social welfare activities. They do a detailed analysis of the social issue, think about possible solutions and make plans for its implementation. They also undertake massive campaigning activities to generate awareness on these issues. There are many non profit organization in Kolkata who are efficiently using the power of mass media and social media to spread information about their work and reach more people.

Some of the common social causes taken up by NGOs are:


This is one of the biggest social problems in our country. India has a huge gap between the rich and the poor. A large percentage of the population is living below the poverty line. There are several social welfare organizations who are working to make lives better for the people living in poverty. For the families living in poverty, there are a host of other problems they have to face. They suffer from lack of proper shelter, lack of food, hygienic sanitation, unemployment, illiteracy, and much more. The children living in poverty are often victims of child labor or child trafficking.


According to the government, each and every child has a fundamental right to free and compulsory education. But sadly, this is not implemented in the real world. There are thousands of children who do not have access to a good quality education. Lack of infrastructure is a major problem where schools lack basic facilities like electricity, chairs and desks, and even toilets. There is also a severe shortage of teachers and administrators, especially in the rural areas. Some of the best NGOs in West Bengal are engaged in doing volunteer work at the grassroots level to create learning opportunities for all children.

Female welfare

“Save the Girl Child” is a very important social campaign being run by our government. There are many NGOs who work exclusively in the rural areas to create awareness about female foeticide and take steps to make sure that no girl child is killed. There are also initiatives being taken by these NGOs, often in collaboration with civic bodies, to empower these girl children through the power of education. Even today, in some families, the education of girl child is not given importance. NGOs are working hard to diminish this practice and raise awareness about the importance of girl education.

Another aspect of female welfare is women empowerment. There are a few social welfare organizations in Kolkata who provide vocational training to underprivileged women so that they can work in small scale industries and be financially dependent. Women are also victims of dowry, domestic violence, acid attacks and sex trafficking. There are several welfare organizations working towards all these causes.

Child rights

Child labor is a big problem in our country, especially in metro cities like Kolkata. As more families migrate to this looking for better opportunities, they are forced to live in slums or on the streets. The children in these families become the victims of child labor or worse, they are forced to beg on the streets. They are deprived of their fundamental right of education. There are NGOs who are working hard to make sure that the innocence of these children is protected. They work hard to provide a better future to these poor children.


Some of the most reputed NGOs are working towards a greener and cleaner planet taking up environmental causes like pollution and plastic waste. These NGOs try to create more awareness among citizens about these important causes that are important for building a sustainable future.