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The Role of Colors in Cosmetic Packaging Box Design



Color is one of the most critical elements of cosmetic packaging box design that help attract potential customers. It is often the first thing that consumers notice because colors are visible from a greater distance than other components such as illustrations, copy or graphics.    

It plays a critical role in getting your buyers to feel what you want them to feel, perceive what you want them to perceive, and do what you want them to do. Developing an understanding of color psychology, therefore, is critical in creating a successful cosmetic box packaging design. But, choosing a poor color palette can adversely affect your brand messaging. This means, your packaging will be ignored in the retail environment.     

To stick out on the crowded shelf space, you need to infuse intriguing hues. However, one must not stop there, rather they should continue to test various colors to improve their cosmetic boxes. Research has shown that people were able to identify and recall a product far better when it stands out from its surroundings. An easy way around to accomplish this task is to pick a color that drives engagement by instantly grabbing customers’ attention. There’s no harm in using a unique color palette if it suits your brand and rarely used in the category. Remember, your beauty or skincare product will only be able to influence the customers if your packaging boasts strong color blocks.  

Since colors have psychological effects, brands use them to evoke emotions. As a result, some categories end up having almost similar packaging designs. Thus, top packaging companies like The Legacy Printing suggest their customers to use unusual color schemes so customers can differentiate their product from others within the category. Even though a flagship color can prove to be a strong identifier, you can always use it with another color to create a unique statement. 

What Should One Keep in Mind When Choosing Colors?

Keep it Simple Silly: Try to combine only two or three complementary hues that differ completely from one another. Customers hate intricacy so make every effort to carve a cosmetic boxes wholesalesupply that’s easier to understand. It’s perilous to use too many colors as each has a different meaning, which can deliver a wrong message to your target audience.   

Use Contrasting Colors: A cosmetic packaging that boasts contrasting hues will not only stand out in the retail environment but also help spike your sales volume. Many believe a difference in color is what makes a contrast. Unfortunately, that’s not true. You may have picked two different colors for your packaging but they may have no contrast because their tone is identical. An ideal way to test colors contrast is by turning them into gray-scale.  

Don’t Forget Your Target Audience: Blue is one of those colors that is universally liked by both genders. But when you talk about purple, there is little agreement between the two genders. A key reason is that men prefer bold hues and shades, while women are more inclined towards colors that have tints of white. Cultural perception also plays a key role in selecting colors for packaging because it greatly influences choices.

Test Different Options: To be certain how your potential customers will react to your cosmetic packaging box design, its best to test out various color options. Create mocks-ups for tests and perform a full category analysis. Partnering with the best packaging company can help you overcome this problem as the professional team will handle things for you and optimize your packaging before launch.    

Stay Adaptable: If your brand decides to move in a new direction, you can pick a new favorite color. But, keep your current and desired hues in mind when rebranding your company. Prior embarking on this journey, brands must remain aware of every visual aspect that is being integrated along with the effects you have on your list to create a new brand identity. Failing to develop a connection between the company’s identity concept and execution can make your consumer perplexed, which will eventually lead to failure. 

If total rebranding is something that doesn’t intrigue you, identify the hues that are deteriorating your visual branding, especially in your cosmetic packaging and labels. Maybe your color gamut is overdone, looks dreary or a bit old. Refreshing the hues while salvaging your current branding is an excellent way to perk up your product range and brand without a total overhaul. 

This approach can come in handy when introducing a new range of products that require new labels or packaging. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to try out some new and exciting colors and test the waters. There’s no harm in staying true to your company’s image, but incorporating new colors into your packaging or label isn’t something one should refrain from. 

Take Away

Colors used in cosmetic packaging always have a profound effect on the way a product, brand or company is perceived by the consumers. That said, brands and manufacturers must make calculated and strategic decisions when picking colors for their packaging, labels, and logos. To deliver the right message, you should first define a brand message and make sure your chosen color palette is completely in line with this message. 

A seamless cohesion between the selected colors and desired brand image will help you make a mark in the ever-evolving markets. Because not every business is good at choosing colors for their product packaging. However, there are resources for brands that can help them get their desired results. From packaging and printing companies to marketing agencies, external resources can certainly give you a leg up. Connect with a reliable packaging partner, harness the power of digital and traditional marketing, scour social platforms for advice, make the most of the available resources and, above all, remain colorful. This way, you’ll not only be able to develop an enticing packaging for your cosmetic range but also be able to improve your sales by attracting new customers.


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