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The prince of packaging: Custom packaging



custom packaging

The prince of packaging: Custom packaging

Custom packaging is becoming an integral part of every business. The traditional dull, brown cardboard boxes have been replaced by custom printed boxes in various sectors. Whether you want to package for your product, shipping or subscription, custom boxes are just perfect to address you every type of need. They can be designed in any shape, size, and color according to your requirements. Custom packaging can make your product stand out on retail shelves. It’s a great way to make your offering look different from those of competitors. Although custom packaging is slightly costly as compared to brown cardboard packaging, the investment is worth the cost. Once a company switches towards custom packaging it has a great experience with it by taking your brand to heights of success.

Meaning of Custom Packaging:

Custom packaging means to design perfect size custom boxes for your product from scratch rather than purchasing an inappropriate sized ready-made box for it. The perfection should be in terms of box style, design, shape, and color. Printing is the main thing which differentiates a custom box from a traditional one. Various printing techniques are used to provide an attractive look to your packaging. Custom printed boxes are designed by experts or structural engineers. They work on every little detail to provide a high-end custom packaging to their customers. Even the display boxes and shipping boxes today involved custom packaging. Custom packaging companies have a minimum order requirement. If there is a small scale company or a startup which can’t afford the custom packing cost, it can analyze various other alternates like custom tape, sticker or a printed stamp. Such options are extremely cost-effective and can turn a simple box to a custom one.

How it is done?

Custom packaging is started with measurements. First of all the dimensions of the product are taken. The material is cut accordingly to make a perfect sized box for a particular product. A right-sized packaging eliminates the use of filler material needed to fill a larger sized box. It also saves the amount of extra cardboard and proves beneficial in terms of cost. This was the case for unbreakable items. For delicate or fragile ones, it’s advised to keep a margin of the half to one an inch to insert packaging material for more safety. You can use a variety of internal protective materials like crumpled paper filling, tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, air pouches, and corrugated paper rolls according to the nature of the product.

Custom Packaging creates Innovation:

In order to match with the changing trends, every industry needs to be innovative in the terms of packaging. Custom packaging allows you to work on various design and printing options to produce innovative packaging every time. It makes customers remember your brand when they shop. It’s the reason that why packaging for different products like candy boxes, cake boxes, and cosmetic boxes etc come up with something innovative every time. Such an attractive packaging provides a great appeal for the customers and results in increased sales.

Perfect Un-boxing Experience:

Custom packaging provides such an interesting unboxing experience which had been never possible before. If you have ever analyzed the common thing in all successful brands; it is their outstanding packaging with a great box opening experience. The market leader “Apple” is top in this regard. Its iPhone packaging has broken all the records of a perfect un-boxing experience. The secret lies in its minimalistic design. Similarly, various other brands also strive hard to provide a good unboxing experience to their customers. Enclosing the products in attractively designed custom boxes is the first step of the process. Place the items in a tissue wrap. Use a ribbon or a branded sticker to enclose it. Put a custom note or an additional gift inside the box. All such things do not cost much but help in providing a great unboxing experience to the customers.

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