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The Last Minute Perfume Shopping Guide



Perfume shopping isn’t child’s play and when you are in a hurry you ought to make several mistakes. Keeping in mind the skyrocketing prices of perfumes these days, we definitely do not want you to waste money on a wrong choice. The Scent Shot perfume gift pack always comes in handy be it for your own use or as a gift.

You should always buy the right product even if you are in a hurry. You should either avoid going shopping when you are short of time or learn these expert tips that will help you during quick perfume shopping.

Maintaining a balance between your nose and eyes:

When you don’t have much time, you cannot afford to get confused. Trusting your eyes and going for fancy bottles or letting your nose sniff the best ones will only lead to wastage of time. You should let your eyes and nose function in sync and go for the one that is balanced. A perfume with a nice smell and a good looking bottle will just be perfect for a fast shopper.

Avoid expensive ones:

There are chances that despite taking utmost care; you might end up choosing a wrong product. We suggest, during a hushed shopping, you should avoid buying luxury perfumes and go for the averagely priced ones. If you have a particular characteristic in mind like the best long lasting perfume, you should buy travel size mini perfumes. It would be okay for the moment and you can test it and buy the full sized version later.

Stick to your specification:

When you have headed shopping with a particular specification in mind, the time crunch suggests that you should strictly stick to your specification. Do not get distracted by the huge collection in the perfume store.

For example: If you are out looking for long lasting perfumes for men and there is an attractive offer in the women perfume section, you should not get swayed away.

The skin test:

Testing the perfume on your skin has been a game changer since ages. You have often been told that perfumes tend to smell different when sprayed on the swatches and on your skin. You have to spend a minute extra and take the skin test because it is probable that you will choose an inappropriate perfume if you don’t test it on your skin.

Ask someone to accompany you:

It is a common human tendency to get confused during hushed moments. It is better to take someone along with you because opinions do matter when you are buying a perfume.

Note: Women are believed to have a better knowledge of men’s perfumes than men themselves.

The sales person assistance:

He is an expert in his department and taking his help will definitely speed up the entire shopping process. Once you tell him that you are looking for the best long lasting perfume of all time, he will put the right product in your hand.

Pro tip: You should not reveal in front of the sales guy that you are in a hurry. He might cheat you by selling a product that was lying unsold for a long time. Perfumes are usually a non returnable item

Go by your liking:

In case you are undecided, you can quickly buy something that you already love. For example, if you have a fancy for roses or anything else, in particular, you can straightaway buy any fragrance based upon your liking. Some fragrance gift boxes like the Scent Shot Malibu Women are curated in such a way that they are liked by mostly everyone.

This expert guide will be of great help when you are going perfume shopping at the last minute. If you will tackle the situation smartly, nothing can ever go wrong.

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