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The Future of Content and SEO




Content has always held a vital place in digital marketing. It forms the backbone of the internet itself. It is, therefore, imperative to ask ourselves the question: where are we headed? It is a well-known fact that an SEO company needs to keep itself constantly updated to continue producing relevant optimised content. Is the SEO paradigm going to shift radically in the future, or are the basic principles of content marketing and SEO going to remain unchanged? Read on and find out.

The Future of Content Marketing:

Brand awareness should always be a by-product of well-written informative content. It should never be the sole aim of an article. For a long time, overt advertisements were considered the best means of capturing the consumer’s interest. The overload of flashy commercials, however, did nothing more than immunizing the consumer to aggressive marketing.

It was only then that a more genuine and subtle form of marketing began. The advertisements began shifting away from trying to bombard the consumer with reasons to buy products. Instead, content started becoming more informative and helpful. The product or service was mentioned multiple times in the article, but it was no longer the sole purpose of the content.

Keyword stuffing is largely considered a bad practice. The placement of keywords has also become very subtle. We are moving into a future where the usefulness of written content is steadily increasing, and content marketing is becoming increasingly subconscious-oriented. Writers can no longer get away with littering their content with keywords.

Any hiccup in the quality of the content itself is certain to sabotage the trust of the consumers. An SEO company will have to be extra-careful when it comes to producing and maintaining the quality of their delicate pitches hidden under brilliant written content.

Changes in Technology:

With the advent of smarter artificial intelligence, content writers around the world may find it hard to keep up with their robotic counterparts. Highly advanced software might be able to procedurally generate creative content based on viewer behaviour. This can be attributed to new developments in machine learning.

Many different platforms for content creation already exist. You can find an SEO company in every nook and cranny. It is merely a matter of fine-tuning these various platforms to produce better content at lower costs. Although this might be bad news for content writers, companies which require a lot of content will be able to churn out their material using an AI instead of hiring content writers.

Catchy content will become more important:

How often do you find yourself reading articles on the internet? The time you spend on watching videos to learn something is probably far more than the time you spend reading content. Let’s be honest here; it is easier to grasp a concept using a video. So, it becomes very important to produce catchy written material that will genuinely make readers stick to the material on the page. This can also be associated with reducing attention spans.

Where is SEO headed?

Mobile applications are quickly taking over the general user’s time online. Social media is driving this new revolution in the way we look at SEO and content. The content within a mobile application cannot be indexed by a search engine. Therefore, developing new strategies to keep up with trends in SEO is of vital importance. Messaging applications like Facebook and WhatsApp might even work in tandem with search engines to create a completely fresh playground for SEO experts.

The demand for well-written content is going to keep increasing. SEO will still be a major factor in marketing, but its impact might diminish when compared to the quality of the written material itself.

Author Bio: James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.