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5 Most Popular Places to Use Brick Slips!




Designed with beauty and sophistication, brick slips have shown time and again that they are one of the best options to go for in domestic or commercial enhancement projects. They are thin slices of masonry which are used to replicate the look of conventional baked bricks. They are found in a myriad collection of styles and colour, and are perfect to give that much-needed makeover to those dull walls. Whether it’s a new house that you wish to glam up, or sass up those old walls, brick slips can become your go-to saviour.

Brick slips are hugely space-saving; and should be as good in the quality department as regular bricks. They are also designed to have same or more strength (in comparison to bricks), and a much affordable option to go for than traditional paint or brick work. You can get your hands on all kinds of sizes, shapes, colours, cost range, etc. when it comes to brick slips in UK. Apex Tilers are at the top of their trade, offering you the finest quality products and widest varieties of patterns and designs. They will help you add a rustic look to your property with the brick slip pattern that perfectly complements your creativity.

Five places you can incorporate brick slips to make it look even more amazing

If you are searching for a quick and easy way of giving your home a complete makeover, or creating a feature wall, or accentuating certain spaces of the house, brick slips could be the end of your search. They can be used both in a contemporary as well as in a traditional way – all you need to do is, get it from any good tile company for quality, style and service assurance. Read on to know how you can create an amazing look by introducing the slips into your home or business.

  1. Fireplaces: Do you own a fireplace at your home? Do you want to make your fireplace an attractive feature of your property? If your replies are yes, well, then brick slips could come to your rescue. They are perfect to turn your fireplace from drab to fab in no time. You will achieve a fireplace which you will be proud of, and show off to the rest of the world. You could use the slips in different ways, be it on the chimney breast or at the opening.
  2. Feature walls: Adding brick slips into any room of your home or business place is sure to turn it around into an interesting feature. That wall will definitely become THE first thing that people lay their eyes on after entering. You can create a variety of effects as per your choice. Add a rustic look or a contemporary look to the entire room by just adding a brick slip feature wall.
  3. Kitchens: Yet another perfect place to incorporate brick slips is your kitchen. They serve as one of the best alternatives to tiles, and can be easily installed on any wall. They add real character to the room, whether they are installed on the sink splash back or on the wall behind the cooker. The look of old bricks shall create a warm, rustic looking kitchen, and set it apart from all other kitchens you have ever come across.
  4. Wall cladding: These slips, as we said, are an alternative to bricks or blocks. They are an easy solution to your cladding troubles as they are super easy to install. You just treat them like a puzzle and put together, they will create an interesting feature. These slips are durable, thermal insulating, and decorative, perfect to renovate a building or a wall.
  5. Restaurants: Having a brick slip wall in a restaurant is sure to make it look more interesting and draw in customers. It adds a character and persona to the place, and can easily become the most talked about feature of the restaurant. It helps to pep up the interiors and will make the place stand out from the rest.

So, you can see, there are a variety of places where you can make the use of brick slips. They help to accentuate the look of the entire place, and will definitely do your home or business good. And let’s not forget, the compliments that will be pouring in.