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The Favourite Locations of Destination Wedding Planners in Kolkata



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The romantic sea beach or the adventurous mountains or maybe the mysterious forests – One can choose her favourite location for the most special day. Amidst the ‘Boundless’ nature, it will be amazing to see the couple taking their vows. If one is planning for the most gorgeous yet hassle-free wedding then you must choose a destination that reflects the couples’ personality. The best part is that the couple can make every bit of their special day memorable, without taking any stress of execution by simply entrusting a competent destination wedding planner the responsibility of the execution. Now let us check the beautiful destinations that one can choose for a grand destination wedding.

Beach Love:

The couple can make the most out of their wedding on a romantic beach. Leave the footprints on talc-soft sands as the couple can stroll along the shoreline. Experience the enigma hand in hand and let the romance flow with the beach breeze. The couple can even enjoy the morning wedding with the sun-drenched sea with shimmer and glitters all around just like a fairytale wedding. Indian wedding planners nowadays plan the most amazing beach wedding near Kolkata with all the pomp. Beaches can also be decorated with various fairy tale elements in order to make the love flow in the air on the most special day. One can choose Mandarmoni or Digha or Tajpur for their happily ever after location.
Mountains calling: The chilled-out wedding for the cool couple can be best planned in a mountain wedding destination by the destination wedding planner. The breath-taking backdrop and the exciting aura all around can make the couple drool over the beauty of nature. One can enjoy the magical love with the most serene ambience with the gorgeous planning and successful execution by one of the best destination wedding planners in Kolkata. They come up with amazing destination wedding themes for the best experience. The best part of such a wedding is that the couple can immediately go for a honeymoon and mountains are the best option for couples who trek. Make it the most amazing one with the gorgeous mountains in Darjeeling or Sikkim.

Palace creates history:

As modern Indian wedding planners suggest, make the love story embedded in the walls of the gorgeous palace by choosing a fort/palace as a wedding destination. Those in love with history can make their most special day the best day with a palatial wedding. Feel like a king and take wedding vows like an emperor in the most royal style. Let the wedding be an epitome of grandeur and pomp in the bedazzling pavilion of the fort/palace. Make sure that the destination wedding planner chosen must be best in planning a wedding out-of-the-box. The wedding rituals followed by a gala lunch or a monarchical dinner are sure to delight the guests and the couple can bag some true blessings.
Explore the mysterious forests: For the lovebirds, the forest is the best place to chirp their wedding vows. If the couple loves the mysterious aura surrounding the forest life, then choosing it as their wedding destination would be awesome. The secluded and picturesque clearings of the forest ambience can get the best wedding shoots for the couple and the guests. The serenity of nature and the wedding pheras amidst it, what a tribute to the couple’s love! The calm environment and the formidable wilderness of nature are sure to make the couple fall in love all over again. For the best outcome of a forest destination wedding, always choose an experienced Indian wedding planner. For a perfect forest destination wedding, one can choose Dooars or Jaldapara.
A Rustic touch of the countryside: Experience rustic humdrum in Indian countryside wedding. This can bring an away-from-the-town freshness. The magnificent countryside wedding can be the most romantic one for those who seek peace and tranquillity. The fairy-tale wedding can bring an added zeal to the entire event and is sure to awestruck the guests. Plan the happily ever after in the rustic lap of Mother Nature with one of the best destination wedding planners. Let the event be the most amazing one with a touch of simplicity and elegance.
Village brings simplicity: The lack of facilities in remote villages makes it difficult to arrange an elaborate wedding! To compensate for the inadequate facilities, an Indian wedding planner can be called upon to help with the required setup adding to the rustic charm. You may also go for a complete farmland setting but within the town itself. Village style banquets and eco-homes allow the couple to feel the earthy smell with a touch of nature’s serenity. No need to travel much for a village style wedding. Just choose an experienced destination wedding planner and just let the love flow.
Whatever might be the couple’s choice, it is vital to choose one of the best Indian wedding planners for a glamorous event altogether. Holydelights comes with exclusive destination wedding packages for every location near Kolkata. Let the experienced team take charge of the fairytale wedding and let the wedding bells ring aloud. And importantly, everything gets done without burning a hole in your pocket!