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The Correct Link Building Penguin Algorithm For Tactics



Recalling the last article about Google Penguin algorithm history update history, as Penguin is mainly to combat online junk and junk link, then how to create a link is Google think white hat SEO practice? Today, this article is mainly about Google advocating the creation of high-quality links under the guidance of how we link construction, link building tactics which?

Google Penguin version 1.0-4.0 update summary

  1. The algorithm runs intermittently and can only be given or cancelled when it is released
  2. Punish the entire site, even when the junk link is only detected to a page
  3. Update is too slow, too long time to hurt the site too much
  4. Request reconsideration of the removal of the bad sectors to lift the penalty (at least in most cases)
  5. The quality links on these pages have also been accidentally deleted; paid links can get a good ranking
  6. Algorithmic updates modify and subdivide in real time, punishing a specific page, rather than the entire site. The company is located in:

The high quality of Google means making your site valuable to your target audience. Create really useful things – then let people know about it. Do not start building links where there is no value link. But many of the problems with link building appear to be building links before creating valuable content. The solution to this problem is to start with your website, create something by value, and start building the link.

Link building tactics:

  1. The basic method: By using a series of advanced query operators, you can often find resource pages related to the products or services you offer, even better-ranked and well-maintained directories. The more content on your site, the easier it is to find sites that link to similar resources and considers linking to you.  Then do the necessary research.
  2. Competitor research: Often, viewing the links of your competitors will show some websites that will consider linking to you or your content. Again, make sure you have something valuable before requesting any link – remember, just because website links to your competitors does not mean that this link is helping them to rank. Also, refer to the link quality.
  3. Visitor posting research: Guest posts are still a good way to generate exposure for your business and to reach viewers on the site. Remember, quality must be top priority. Similarly, if you have a chance to link to a paragraph in the body of your article and add value, you can naturally edit the vote in that article. I would tend to initially find blogs in your space and manually check if they have a guest name. You can also use search strings like “Keywords” + “Visitor Information”, “Keywords” + “Write Us”, “Keywords” + “Contributor” I like this approach, not the tool, Because of the high return of the site may be authoritative.
  4. Content + outside the chain: Once you have great content on your site, you can find websites that link to other articles and contact the site owners to see if they’ll link to your content. Ideally, your content should improve what they’ve linked so that the link can be swapped out, or you can include your link in addition to the original link.
    Content is a king so article submission play huge role in SEO work. Submit to a good quality article on high authority page rank site and get do follow backlinks. That is the way to make maximum backlinks in a very short time
  5. Bad chain and then build: This method is similar to point 4, but mainly finds the sites you want to link to and then uses Screaming Frog or Xenu Link Sleuth to crawl these sites for opportunities. There are a lot of fixes here, but you can find masons in these 404s and change the broken 404 link to your link!
  6. Local organizations: At a local business, I like links that help you get into physical location. Usually, you can find clubs or something like that and accept some of your sponsorship in exchange for secure brand links on their website pages. And you can build strong relationships with local businesses to attract more attention to your business and attract some excellent local links.
  7. Media and Public Relations: Can be offline, in the media and related publications exposure. In many cases this will generate a link back to your website, again helping you to build trust and relevance.

The best SEO often boils down to common sense. Garbage linked to the farm does not make sense. They are purely for SEO. This regressive approach means that many sites are top-heavy and do no content links.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people look for the lowest-cost search engine optimization solution, and there are always SEO practitioners to fill that horror and to take a cheaper SEO approach to lower-cost SEO needs, which is why SEO threshold looks very low, but many people cannot do the effect of the reason to make a good effect master, but felt so lonely, because the real SEO practitioners, not for SEO, low-cost tactics, Focusing on every detail of more than 200 signals that help to rank the signals in a broad format. They see SEO as a real-time, fluid, changeable organization that adjusts their SEO tactics at any time based on their promotion.