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The Best Salt Lamps Of 2017



Apart from the products that technology gave us, there are so many other things that are beautiful and all made by nature. Here in this article, we are going to list down some of the amazing salt lamps that are a gift from nature to us and no matter how far the technology goes, it just can’t compete with this product!
The most preferred material for making salt lamps are Himalayan pink salts. This is because they give a very soothing and tranquil pink glow which attracts people and look uniquely distinctive in the home. They are believed to have many health benefits. They are believed to have a calming effect on mood and are also believed to improve eyesight. Besides this, they are widely used for decoration in houses due to their beauty.
Polished Himalayan Salt Lamps
This mostly comes in a pyramid shape. This looks very exotic in the home. They often have a hollow interior. Inside there is a lamp fixed which is mostly of 15 watt light bulb as compared to 25 watts in other lamps. But due to a smaller base, it looks smaller when seen as compared to other lamps. 
It tips from above. People’s review about this sort of lamp is very positive and very rarely complaints are recorded. Two other very likable designs in smoothly polished lamps are an egg-shaped lamp and a teardrop shaped pink salt lamp.
Basket Salt Lamp
In this, various small pieces arranged in a basket. The basket is usually made of metal which is intertwined. It has a larger surface area and inside of it, there is a 25-watt bulb. It is more effective than other designs because in this a large surface area of salt is exposed to the environment. Due to its beautiful appearance in the dark, it is also known as a fire bowl.
Metal Basket salt Lamps
It comes in various different design, among which people mostly prefer the flame design and the Moroccan is usually used for small areas such as in the kitchen, bathroom illumination or on a small coffee table or side table. It is mostly liked by people who do not want much light in their room because it is not as bright. Among more minimalist salt designs there are the following designs, such as wire mesh basket cylinder design. The other one is the usual hybrid wire cube Himalayan lamp.
Extra Large feature Himalayan Salt Lamps
They are usually expensive due to their massive size. They have a dimmable bulb in them. They also come with a luxurious box for gifting. Therefore, it is most preferred as a gift by people. But it is more beneficial to have many small lamps rather than one large one because the amount of salt interacting with environment decreases in small ones.
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