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The Best Method to Monitor Your WordPress Website Server Up-Time

There are many benefits in monitoring your website’s server uptime one of them is that you’ll get notifications whenever your site goes down or when visitors can’t access it. Your website needs to be online all the time except when you are doing maintenance. Even when the website is under maintenance you need to inform your visitors when they contact WordPress support.



The Best Method to Monitor Your WordPress Website Server Up-Time

When your visitors visit your website and find out that it’s not responsive, they will click away and thus increase the bounce rate due to poor user experience. This is also bad for your SEO and overall website ranking. This is why you need to monitor your server’s uptime. If you don’t know how to do this, this article will discuss ways to monitor your server uptime.  

You should always monitor your website’s uptime so that you will be alerted when your website is down or not responding. Fortunately, there are many monitoring tools to help you monitor server uptime and will notify you immediately of any issues so that you can rectify quickly to avoid greater damage. 

Although the majority of web hosting providers promise 99.9% server uptime, few of them keep the promise. Frequent downtime is a tale-tale sign that you are dealing with a substandard hosting provider. The downtime can last for several minutes or even hours. Although they offer their services cheaply such hosts are not good for business and will cost you your traffic.

Most of the time web owners are ignorant of their server uptime and won’t even realize that there is a downtime especially when it happens on holidays or in the middle of the night. If you are running a website you should always be cautious of server uptime as your career, reputation, or business depends on it. Failure to check websites up time will result in:

  • Loss of revenue due to a high bounce rate
  • Poor user experience which ruins a good reputation
  • Low website rank and web presence due to inconsistency 

Sitting down and constantly refreshing your website to see if it’s responding is a backward idea since it will cost you a lot of time leaving you with little time to stay productive. The best option to monitor your website’s server uptime is to use tools that can effectively and automatically monitor your website’s uptime. You will get alerts on your email or text messages if any issues are slowing down your website. Here are some of the best for monitoring server uptime.

Uptime Robot

This is one of the best server monitoring tools that have both the free and the paid version. The free version is reliable since it checks your website every 5 minutes, while the paid version is even better, monitoring your website every 60 seconds. The paid plan is billed annually and it’s available for $4.50 per month. With this tool, you will get SMS, voice call, email, and other alerts. Just head to the Uptime Robot website and click on the Signup button to enroll for their services. You will need to select a plan for your monitoring services and finish the signup process by login to your Uptime Robot account dashboard by adding a new monitoring button.

Uptime Monitoring Using Pingdom

Another awesome server monitoring tool is Pingdom that allows you to set up server uptime monitoring for your website. Although it doesn’t have a free version, its paid plans are quite reliable and efficient. The lowest-paid plan goes for $42 per month. However, there is a starter plan that costs $165 annually. What you will love about this tool is that it offers real-time uptime monitoring service and detailed stats, logs, monitoring from various geographic locations. To get started with Pingdom, head over to their website and click on the green button to start your free trial. First, you will be asked to provide your email and password to create an account and later, you will provide your phone number, email, timezone, and website URL. 

Remember to confirm your choice on the performance monitoring option and click on the ‘Let’s get started’ button. Once Pingdom has automatically setup monitoring, it will send you text alerts to confirm whether you have successfully set up the monitoring tool and you will be good to go. The good thing about Pingdom is that it allows you to set multiple alerts and tracking for various locations and its interface is straightforward.

Checking Your Website is Up or Down

To only check whether your website is down or is having response issues, there is also a tool for that and that is the IsItWP’s uptime checker tool. To use this tool, all you need to do is go to the IsItWP Uptime Checker tool and enter your website address. The Uptime Checker tool is reliable and it will quickly check your website and give you results immediately. If there are any issues, you will be informed and act fast to solve them.

If you find out that your website is down, check whether it is only down on your side or everyone accessing your website is also affected. The IsItWP’s uptime checker tool will show you exactly where the problem lies – if it’s your website or the internet. To do this, the first thing you need to do is clear your browser cache and DNS cache and reload the website. If this doesn’t work then check whether you can access your website from a different IP address. This is done using your mobile phone internet or a VPN service. If your website is accessible from another device, then it means that your ISP or your hosting company has accidentally blocked your IP address. To resolve this, contact both the ISP and the hosting providers.

Final thoughts 

I hope that this article was helpful to you and you can now check your websites server uptime to determine whether your website is performing accordingly. This will help you improve on its delivery by solving emerging issues from the hosting provider or your WordPress website. Remember that your success depends on your website’s uptime therefore always check downtime issues.

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