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The Best Curling Irons for People Who Can’t Curl Their Hair



Finding the right curling iron for you is not as easy as you’d expect. For the non-curler can’t you just pop into a store and pick up any old curling iron; aren’t they all the same? There’s no such thing as a universal iron that works on every mane. And why would there be, if clothing sizes are open to interpretation – UK vs US or brand-to-brand size 6 differences – then why wouldn’t a curling iron have a similar fate?!

Don’t worry your pretty little head, we got your back girl! Here’s a reference guide to finding your perfect curling wand!

Choosing the Right Curling Iron for Your Hair

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Get to know how curling irons are made so that you can hit the curler section with confidence and buy what’s right for your hairs styling needs!

Curling Iron Material: Oh yes, there are three different materials in play and they all offer your luscious locks something special.

  • Ceramic: Is most likely to wear the Miss Universe sash, as it’s the most recommended curler for any hair type. Here’s why.
    • Most affordable,
    • Far infrared heat means this sucker heats up fast,
    • Uses negative ions for frizz free, smooth and shiny results,
    • Locks in moistures so hair won’t singe,
    • Kicks frizz with consistent even heat, and
    • Gentle enough to use daily and on damaged hair.
  • Tourmaline: Is ceramic’s big sister, offering many of the same attributes – negative ion and infrared technologies for fast heating and shiny hair! The main difference is it’s quite lightweight and pumps out softer curls. And works on medium-super thick hair as well as damaged, curly or frizzy hair types.
  • Titanium: A costly curler is preferred by professionals for its lightweight, even heating (although it clocks some high temperatures) to produce a sweet bouncy curl. Suitable for thick, coarse or damaged tresses.

Type of Curler: For the love of curls, more choices when it comes to what type of curling iron you can buy – iron, wand or double-barreled what?

  • Iron with clip: The classic curler for uniform ringlets that can be used by any hair type.
  • Clipless wand: For advanced users that want that bouncy beachy vibe.
  • Marcel wand: For professional use on any hair type to create any curl variety.
  • Bubble wand: For beginners to achieve that beach look – for anyone.
  • Double-barrel iron: For more seasoned users for that wavy textured look.
  • Conical iron: Easy to use from soft to tight ringlets.
  • Interchangeable: Super simple for every hair and curl type given it has changeable heads!

Barrel Size Matters: Depending on the curl type your seeking or on your hairs length, the size of your iron matters.

  • ⅜ and ½ inch: Is best for short hair styles and is mostly used for creating extreme curls.
  • ⅝ and ¾ inch: For medium length hair looking for springy spirals!
  • 1 inch: For any hair length and any curl type.
  • 1 ¼ inch: Medium-long locks seeking any curl variety.
  • 1 ½, 1 ¾ and 2 inches: For long hair types after the artfully tousled waves.

Temperature: You want to pair up with an iron that indicates how hot it gets because temperature control will prevent unnecessary damage!

  • Thin or damaged hair, stay under 150 degrees celsius.
  • Fine or permed, under 170
  • Normal keep to max 200
  • Strong or unruly no more than 240.

Here’s to the Perfect Curl!  

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Who would’ve known there’s a science to achieving the perfect curl? Luckily this reference guide can help you navigate the curling iron section until you find the product best for you!