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The Android Auto Head Unit Survival Guide



The primary purpose of Android Auto, and version of your Android tool’s screen that brings apps and notifications in your dashboard is virtually all about using safer. How? We all comprehend it’s unlawful in maximum states to use your mobile handset while on the street, however regardless of all of the warnings, folks nonetheless do it.

That’s in which services which include Android Auto come in available – it lets you resume your standard user behavior without risking a deadly collision.

That’s why we’re going to reveal everything there’s to realize about Android Auto. This consists of a rundown of which vehicles support Android Auto, at the side of a more in-depth have a look at an expansion of apps available on Google’s vehicle-primarily based platform.

What is Android Auto?

As the name implies, Android Auto is a model of Google’s extensively used cellphone running machine that is particularly tailor-made to cars.

Like the smartphone or tablet you are used to using, Android Auto makes use of a combination of apps to make your using enjoy better to some degree -whether or not this is by way of offering you switch-via-turn navigation, or easy get right of entry to in your Google Play Music library whilst you’re on the street. That stated, Android Auto apps are generally stripped in their interactivity to some diploma.

But at the same time as they may be a bit less practical than their cell opposite numbers, their loss of electricity make it viable for commands to take now not than more than one seconds to carry out. This level of brevity is meant to maintain the driver’s eyes on the road, just as current in-dash vehicle stereos and navigation systems have completed properly over a decade.

If your aim is to dilute your phone’s interface into one that’s frankly extra uniform and digestible whilst you’re using, Android Auto will do the trick.

Is my automobile compatible with Android Auto?

Though almost every carmaker supports Android Auto now, don’t assume without problems improve your legacy vehicle to the OS – except you personal a 2016 Hyundai.

Sure, you can replace your in-sprint stereo or navigation machine with one that supports Android Auto – in reality, JVC, Alpine, and other manufacturers currently boast Android Auto guide – however, they also require space for a double DIN device at the dashboard, and maximum motors only have an single DIN slot.

Unfortunately, for right now, your fine guess to take advantage of the convenience capabilities supplied through Android Auto is to take a journey in your nearby automobile dealership.

Why? Well, as puzzling as this will sound, Android Auto isn’t intended to replace your current dashboard setup, nor would it not work alongside what you have proper now: You can’t use Android Auto to enable/disable cruise manage, tamper with the air conditioning or even toggle among radio stations. As a be counted of truth, the only actual example of inter-compatibility we may want to find turned into that streaming audio playback mutes throughout audible navigation signals.

Can a car use both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Because Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are – at the center of it all – apps wielded with the aid of the hardy components of your telephone, most carmakers satisfaction themselves on helping each. In that case, if you aren’t completely dedicated to the Android ecosystem, you may take solace inside the truth that the iOS-centric alternative is a few button-presses away.


The appropriate news is that the smart vehicle revolution is simplest simply starting. If your favorite make and model hasn’t been upgraded to work with either Android Auto or CarPlay, it is only a be counted of time until they seize up with the rest of the percent.