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The 10 Best Things to Do in Australia- 2019



Australia Map

Australia is one of the prominent continents in the world. It consists of 14 countries within its sovereign landscapes and much more to explore inside them. A continent that holds 0.2% of the world’s entire population has all of a robust urbanized population. The capital city of Australia is Canberra. However, the largest city on the continent is Sydney. Australia is extremely developed. The economy that Australia endures today holds the fourteenth rank in the world. Australia got compiled by six self-governing colonies that together administered the commonwealth of Australia. Today, Australia is even a member of the United Nations. 

Australia is a well-apprehended travel destination in the world. Most of the tourists wait for the perfect season to visit Australia. Tourists all year long get dragged to the country for a visit once in a year. Australia is a bizarre combination of diverse wildlife, varied ecology, natural beauty, and, therefore, Australia is not a little country. Australia is the neighbor to paradise. It has something special in its smell, lands, culture, and gives away a mesmerizing vibe to anyone who visits it. Australia assures enjoyment to any age group or any class people. It is a blessing to Australia! 

When you have many things to do, you may get in a dilemma. Well, Australia is the same phenomenon. A very varied continent like Australia leaves you surprisingly awestruck! In this summary, after we have studied a lot, we have compiled and put the ten best things to do in Australia just for you this year. Go through each one of them and find out which one would you do first. I guarantee you that you will be arguing with yourself for what to explore first and what to visit later. But, remember one thing, whichever place you visit in Australia, you will get delighted surely. 

1. Deep dive into the great barrier reef and enjoying cruise courtesy:

The great barrier reef is a UNESCO listed reef. The visit to the great barrier reef offers various amusement means. A sky ride by helicopter, experiencing the chilling waters with the half submersible ship, and knowing the aqua life beneath waters by scuba diving are the three options for exploring the reef well. The scenario from the air is surreal. The experience underwater is extraordinary.  The boats with transparent glass allow you to feel the sea at your feet. The reef is the only place where you can snorkel. The food available on the reef side restaurants is worth tasting.

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2. Listen to Sydney’s Opera House:

The captivating construction of the Opera House of Sydney is capable of delivering kaleidoscopic views. The entire building is an example of a picturesque portrait and unbelievable architecture. The opera house at Sydney stages almost more than 1,500 collective music shows, concerts, musical nights, dramas, one night shows, performances, and many more. You can opt-out for a one-hour walking visit to the opera house and learn the history of it and its performances. You will observe an outstanding site inside the opera house with huge lobbies that is free of pillars and only of its kind in the entire world. 

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3. Try to jump a little higher than the kangaroos:

It would be funny and foolish both if you don’t meet Kangaroos of Australia – the national animal of the continent! Towards the south of Sydney, lying on the new south Wales coast, Murramarang National Park is a must-visit place. The park gets extended on a shoreline with plenty of wildlife within, along with the mountain cliffs, rocky sites, gritty beaches, and a lot more than excitement. Usually, grey kangaroos in troops are seen here on the beaches as well as the forests of the national park. Try to jump a little higher than the kangaroos on your visit! 

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4. Forget all your stress and dance with dolphins:

To your surprise, Australia has 10,685 beaches, which will make you stay there for 29 years to visit them all one by one daily! Not only it has beautiful beaches, but also it has a marvelous marine life. Port Stephens is near the north of Newcastle in Sydney. With gorgeous bays and beaches, the port is well-known for observing the dolphins and whales. It is a shelter to 140 bottlenose dolphins and home to migrant humpback whales from May to November.  Monkey Mia is 800 km north from Perth and globally acclaimed for the dolphins in its pure shallow waters. 

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5. Taste the Australian wines and delve into its addiction:

If you are a wine connoisseur, Australia is the perfect place for you. It holds sixty separate regions for wine-producing and wine-processing. Aussies produce 1. 35 trillion wine bottles each year! You can break out on a day trip to the Yarra Valley wineries that is easy to access from Melbourne. The tour includes a visit to four of its chief wineries, viz – Balgownie Estate, Steels Gate Winery, Domaine Chandon, and Yering Farm. You can taste the wines, make your blend, have lunch, and visit the nearby wine villages! An outstanding trip to Australia means visiting wineries for sure! 

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6. A trip to the Blue Mountains from Sydney:

Another option for trying out in Australia is to book and go for a day trip to the striking blue mountains! You can option it from the splendid Sydney and spend an entire day in the mint shaded mountains with enjoying its picturesque views. Several service providers book this trip for you. It is inclusive of lunch and entrance fees. The tour includes the visit of a few prime locations. The three sisters, Featherdale wildlife park, Parramatta river, Wentworth falls, and the lavishing blue mountains. All of these sites have their distinct charm and reveal it in its individual kind.

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7. Doing the famous Sydney bridge climb stairs:

The construction of Sydney’s spectacular Harbour Bridge dates back to the year 1932 and has the most photogenic views. There is no better place than the Harbour bridge peaks to see the stunning Sydney. This landmark is a bridge made up of steel that has historical significance. It connects the transportation of Sydney with many prominent provinces and thus has the importance of its usage too! There is a climbing section on the bridge, which is the main attraction for tourists. You can book in advance for your time and preference. You will see mesmerizing views like none other assuredly. 

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8. Explore Brisbane and that too in a cruise:

Brisbane is a great Australian city. Developed along the riverbed of the Brisbane River, the city is a sure tourist attraction. Out of some of the best things to do in Australia, visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is one! You can visit it entirely in three hours by sitting back comfortably on your cruise. The vibe will make you forget about all your stress. Brisbane city is also an incredible place to explore through roads. Fuel your vehicles up to full set the best Brisbane motorcycle accessories and explore the Australian diversity. You will feel the experience rejuvenating and the explore captivating!

9. A day trip to Fitzroy Island from Cairns:

The Fitzroy islands are one of the constituents of the world heritage sites listed theGreat Barrier Reef. The beaches are beyond beautiful. The waters are pure. The scenes are superb. You can book a ferry ride from Cairns and visit the islands of Fitzroy. While on the islands, you can be busy with water sports like paddle-boarding and snorkeling. You can also pick the option of booking a glass-bottom boat/cruise/ship to feel the sea beneath your feet. Also, you can visit Fitzroy Island National Park and witness the different species and their inhabitants. Trust me – it’s worth visiting.  

10. Round off trip around the twelve apostles:

The set of eight limestone pillars standing tall with confidence amidst Victoria’s Great Ocean on the Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is enough to catch your eyes. There used to be twelve pillars in total, as the name indicates, but the southern ocean ate four out of its hunger. These pillars have departed the rocky cliffs while struggling with the wild waves of the ocean. A one day trip is organized from Melbourne to the twelve apostles along with the scenic moments during the journey. You can even meet the native Koalas towards your road to the twelve apostles.

In a nutshell – Australia is an amalgamation of everything you expect on the best trip. Apart from these selected destinations and things to do in Australia, there are a lot more exciting and remarkable things that you can’t complete all at once about Australia. The penguin parade, Uluru rock, the green island, Katoomba town, Hill inlet, the great Otway national parks, and many of them can form a part of this list. Just check out this article for your future choices about Australia!

Author Bio - Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.