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Technologies That Make Modern Cars a Joy to Drive



If you think driving is nothing more than a mundane thing that you do to get to a destination, think again. Modern cars are not only safer and more energy-efficient than those our grandparents drove, but also more fun to drive. Even the base models of popular cars are now equipped with technologies to keep you entertained and excited while driving.

Technology transforms a lot of things about driving and modern cars. New features are being introduced each year, and the features available go beyond safety. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the technologies that make modern cars a joy to drive on different types of roads. Let’s get started.

Better Chassis Design

The chassis is what determines the driving characteristics of a car. A car with a good chassis doesn’t really need stiff suspension and complicated driving aids to be pleasant to drive. A well-engineered chassis will also make a car sharper, more agile, and more stable at the same time.

That last part is important; a lot of engineering goes into designing the perfect chassis. One of the car makers that do this superbly is Alfa Romeo. The platform they use for both the Stelvio and the Giulia is nothing short of spectacular.

The chassis design in a new Alfa Romeo delivers a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. It also acts as the perfect platform for Alfa’s DNA driving modes, which further enhance the driving experience in all of its modes. Check out the Alfa Romeo vehicle specials if you want to experience pure driving pleasure.

Assisted Driving

Sticking with Alfa Romeo as an example, the driving assist features available in both Alfa Romeo models that are commonly found on the road are also adding pleasure to driving. These features make driving less stressful and safer, all while letting you maintain control of the vehicle at all times.

For example, the new Alfa Romeo is equipped with active blind-spot monitoring, complete with additional features such as collision avoidance. The combination lets you sweep through highways at moderate speed without worrying about other vehicles in your blind spots.

At the same time, you have adaptive cruise control with a radar-guided system. Instead of maintaining a constant speed, the cruise control system on an Alfa Romeo monitors your distance with the vehicle ahead and helps you maintain a safe distance at all times by managing your speed.

Improved In-Car Entertainment

We really cannot talk about driving pleasure without talking about the in-car entertainment system, starting with the fact that you can now adjust vehicle settings from the large touchscreen on your dashboard.

You can alter the sharpness of the steering or even the hardness of the suspension with just a few taps. Once you have the car configured perfectly, you can switch to the entertainment system or use Apple Car Play and Android Auto to stream entertainment from your phone.

There are still so many other technologies that improve our driving experience and elevate it to a whole new level. The next time you are in search of a car, be sure to review the technology features before making a purchase decision.

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