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Student Exchange Programs for Students in Japan

Japan is a great country to get to know. One very good way to do so is to use one of the student exchange programs for students in Japan. Here’s how.




Studying abroad is a special, priceless, and unique experience you can get once in a lifetime. Japanese culture is rich, and the education system is amazing. Exchange program for students in Japan allows for exploring culture, tradition, and a new way of learning. This opportunity will change your life and point of view. College and high school students who want to participate should certainly try it.

What is a student exchange program?

The exchange program is a short-term study abroad where students can learn about different countries and their culture while still enrolled at a university at home. The goal is to get a new experience, to learn a new language, and to meet different people. Studying in Japan will open your mind and you will see a totally new culture, tradition, and food.

Depending on the credit student earned at the university, he/she may apply for an exchange program in a foreign country, in this case, Japan.

A close up of a busy city street in Osaka at night.

There are amazing cities in Japan, so take this opportunity to visit them.

Procedure to become an exchange student in Japan

What is the procedure to move to Japan short-term to study there? Exchange programs for students in Japan are more and more popular nowadays, but there are some steps you need to take before moving there.

  1. First of all, you need to apply for exchange programs for students in Japan at your university and to fill up the forms. Time for obtaining depends on the university.
  2. Your university where you study now will make an application for acceptance at the Japanese school (university).
  3. Then, the Japanese university and their department will decide are you relevant for an exchange process according to your resume and grades.
  4. Japanese school will send an answer to your university about you and their decision. Are you relevant or not and can you be part of the program?
  5. If you are accepted, a visa application and all required documents will be sent to you.
  6. All the details, such as pick up at the airport, arrival schedule, etc. will be sent to you by Japanese departments for foreign exchange students. You will arrive a few months before the semester begins. For example, if the semester begins in October, you should be in Japan around June.
  7. When the program is finished and once you decide to leave Japan, you should pack up your bags, get school records and documents, and continue your education, back in the States.

A person sitting at a desk researching exchange programs for students in Japan on laptop

Search what it takes to apply for this program and take the first steps.

Why join exchange programs for students in Japan – benefits

Why students want to study abroad and what benefits do they have? If you are considering this type of education system, you should know why it is good for you and your growth.

  • It will be great for your resume and a big advantage when looking for a job in the future. Not many people have this opportunity. Your experience will be better as will your knowledge too.
  • Making friends and new connections doesn’t have a price. You will meet amazing people in Japan. Maybe you will get job opportunities and move there for good.
  • Learning Japanese language, trying their food, learning about their rich history, culture, and tradition. Travel across Japan and you will be amazed by their architecture and lifestyle.
  • Many students “grow up” there. Parents and friends are far away, so they learn how to take care of themselves.

Geisha in traditional clothing.

The best way to get to know Japanese and Asia’s long tradition is to move there and be a part of a student exchange program.

Some of the programs for exchange students in JP

Japan doesn’t have just one or a few exchange programs for students. There are many different programs you can apply to. Some of the best exchange programs for students in Japan are:

  • KCP International located in Tokyo, where you can learn the Japanese language. School is run by Japanese people, so you will have a full experience. If you want to spend a year in Japan, this is the solution how to do that.
  • CISabroad is also located in Tokyo but it is a school open during the summer. Time will fly by while enjoying Japanese culture.
  • Athena Study Abroad is a perfect program if you want to spend your summer in Kyoto. They will give you full Japanese experience, never to forget.
  • USAC is located in Nagasaki. Japanese courses in this university provide foreign students with the entry to their culture, and maybe later you get offered a job. JAISN program is a highly rated program for students.
  • CIEE alum is a program where you will have language training and cross-cultural activities during the summer in Tokyo.
  • Hokkaido Japanese Language School gives foreign students a year-round program in Sapporo. Class size is small, so professors are focused on students.

Hiring a company for moving to Japan and moving from Japan

How to move to Japan and after the program is over – to move out of Japan? Even if you are moving there for three months, there will be things to move. To make your relocation quick and simple, you should hire a company to help you. You parents will be worrying less with a reliable mover on your side.


To summarize all the facts at the end, and to decide right, here are some highlights of the exchange program for students in Japan:

  • You will learn the language first hand and get a unique experience.
  • Japan is a safe place where you can travel alone and not worry about your safety.
  • Costs of living in Japan plus the costs of the program are about $10,000.
  • Japanese takes their sports seriously and there are many activities you should try.
  • Japanese food is much more than raw fish and noodles.