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Storage ideas for small NJ apartments



Storage ideas for small NJ apartments (3)

While picking an apartment in NJ, you have quite a few things to think about. And let’s be realistic – that’s something that’s true regardless of where you’re going to live. But if you’re choosing New Jersey, think about it realistically; if you want to live in a nice are, you may have to settle for a nicer apartment. That’s just a compromise you may have to be willing to make. But if you end up living in a cozier, smaller place, to have the location you desire; don’t worry. There are still more than a few things you can do to maximize the space that’s usable inside. You just need to think about some storage ideas for small NJ apartments. And that’s just what we’ve prepared below!

Look at collapsibles

Once you have to relocate to a new apartment, there are tons of things you need to think about. First of all, you need to plan out your move in entirety; you need to consider what moving company to hire, and where you can find affordable bins for your move. But once all of that is done, your work is not exactly over. You still need to choose how you will furnish your new apartment; with both the old stuff and something new. And that’s where problems might arise if you’ve moved into a smaller apartment compared to the one where you lived before. But don’t worry; that’s why we’ve got some storage ideas for small NJ apartments for you here.

Naturally, having less space than you had before is not the best situation to be in. Though, there’s no need to despair when you’re dealing with such an issue. If you put enough effort into it, and be inventive enough, there are definitely more than a few ways you can make a smaller apartment just as functional as a big one; especially in terms of storage. Indeed, once you spruce it up and take up some lite renovating; you’ll actually see that the space you have to work with is more than sufficient for everything you’ve got. For starters, what you need are patience, willpower, and maybe most crucially – the right mindset and approach!

Storing the smaller things

As we’ve mentioned above, if you approach this in a methodical way; you’ll find that storage ideas for small NJ apartments are plentiful. First and foremost, think about what takes up the most space in your home. And we’re not talking about your apartment’s centerpiece; at least for now. If you think about it, you’ll actually realize that the small stuff take up most of your space; in any given apartment. Stuff you put on your counters, or things like socks or toys, that take up entire drawers. But, can you be more economical in this regard?

Many small toy figurines.

Luckily for you, the answer is a definite ‘yes’. Let’s go back to the example of toys, for a moment. If you’ve got kids, these can take up a huge part of your living area. Plus, they’re constantly all over the place. And some people make the crucial mistake of using shelves or drawers for this. Instead, why not think outside the box? Or rather – inside the bin! There are many aesthetically pleasing bins you can use to store things that tend to pile up, if they’re not too breakable. Plus, plastic bins are something you can always move around, once you decide to redo a room or change up how it looks.

Buying the right sofa

Now that you’ve dealt with all the small stuff that hangs around your apartment and takes up space; let’s go back to the big picture. And when we say that, we do mean big; more specifically, the centerpiece of your living room. If you need storage ideas for small NJ apartments, you need to realize something; before adding more handy storage containers of any kind, you need to reduce the space the rest of the furniture takes up. So, in a tiny apartment; your centerpiece will obviously be a sofa or a bed. And especially if you’ve only got one room; you’ll need something that’s comfortable enough for sleeping, but also doesn’t use up too much room.

Storage ideas for small NJ apartments 2

As you’ve probably realized by now, being efficient and economical with your furnishings is crucial when you’re moving into a small apartment. Every single furniture purchase is something you’ll need to carefully consider, and weigh the pros and cons. So, with that in mind; find a collapsible sofa. Obviously, you’ll want it to be aesthetically pleasing, but simultaneously comfortable enough. If you ask us, take a look at the plethora of furniture makers that sell their products online. These days, going through mediaries such as big furniture retailers is both a waste of time and money.

A storage-filled kitchen island

For a moment, let’s move away from your living room, and into the kitchen. That’s also an area where you don’t want to be wasteful with space. Sure, having a huge kitchen island as a centerpiece of that area looks really nice; but are there ways to make this more functional? Indeed, there are!

A kitchen island with storage spaces and an oven.

Take a gander at some kitchen islands which are less sturdy and heavy, but have built-in storage containers! These will not only take up less space but have a functional storage area which can replace some of your bulkier cupboards. And these are just some of the many storage ideas for small NJ apartments you can find out there; if you look hard enough!