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Spending 5 Days In Hong Kong



Hong Kong, an island that has grown to become one of the most attractive places in Asia. The countless number of skyscrapers, interesting cultural spots, pockets of natural phenomena, and food will definitely make your visit worthwhile without going over your budget. Sit down as we take you through what to expect when you explore both the city and nature Hong Kong has for your delight.

Hong Kong draws from both the western and eastern culture and has kept local tradition and culture in dominance despite that. The British have a strong influence on the country’s economy and sociocultural variances. The hills and nature views will stun any adventurer – The hiking city has got a lot to offer.

There are several flights that hooves into Hong Kong, which avails you to choose from the different options that fit your budget and satisfaction. You can browse through Skyscanner or Momondo to compare prices and get the cheapest flight possible. If you don’t know anyone you can stay with during this vacation or visit, you can visit Chicago and to choose a hotel that won’t tear your barns.

How to Get Around Hong Kong

When you arrive in Hong Kong, ensure you get a debit card at the airport so that you can easily use facilities in the country expect you have a worldwide ATM card. The city has a well-structured transportation system, via MTR (Mass Transit Railway) that will take you anywhere. Although you have the option of using buses – same as what is obtainable in other developed climes. You don’t need to worry about the internet, WiFi is widely available in Hong Kong so SIM card may not be needed for such a visit.

Experience You Should Definitely Not Miss

You must have read about the Victoria Peak, perching about 396 meters above sea level. The Peak Tower is one of the most astonishing architectural works in Hong Kong. There are the dazzling array of shops where you can buy original Hong Kong products, restaurants with quality kinds of seafood, entertainment stands and of course, you will get to see the spectacular panoramic views of the beautiful city from the peak.

Man Mo Temple is an ancient Taoist temple in Hong Kong where worshippers pay tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). The architectural masterpiece is something to take the pictures with. The temple is located about halfway along the road and a stop in its quiet. Incents are burnt intermittently and thousands of people all over the world visit this ancient building every day.

Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbor located between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in Hong Kong giving you a superb view of the city skyscrapers.Whether you are looking for Hong Kong massage or a spectacular food experience, Victoria harbor has a lot to offer. There are cultural music performances as from 8pm daily to dazzle tourists and cool down the stress of the day.

You must not miss the taste of Hong Kong ancient meal, Dim sum when you come around. Not that dim sum is a well-known food in Hong Kong, but is one of the most delicious food experiences you can have. You can also visit Lin Heung Teahouse, Sam Hui Yat, Don Kee Restaurant to have a taste of Hong Kong delicacies.