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Some Surefire Strategies for Prospective Medical Students to Gain Competitive MCAT Scores



The medical school admission process is getting intricate every year. In fact, one of the toughest parts for many medical school hopefuls is the dreaded MCAT that takes seven and a half hours. Earning a stellar MCAT score is indispensable to gain admission into a top medical school. The ultimate goal of MCAT is to check whether you are competitive enough to succeed in medical school. It assesses your critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as your ability to understand basic science content and analyze scientific research. Securing an impressive MCAT score will help prospective medical school students to improve their chances of acceptance.

Securing below 472 will make it completely impossible for you to gain admission to any medical school. If you are thinking to apply to medical school to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor, you have to secure a competitive MCAT score. Many prestigious medical schools require applicants to earn a score between 508-512, receiving below this range will not make you eligible, no matter how strong your profile is.

Here are some useful strategies every medical school applicant needs to carefully consider to earn a strong MCAT score.

How to Get a Competitive MCAT Score?

  • Create a Study Schedule

In order to gain a stellar score, all you need to do is to allow yourself at least three to four hours per day for at least three months. Figure out which subjects/topics you find most difficult, then start studying those subjects.

  • Thoroughly Cover the MCAT Material

It is a great idea to purchase MCAT preparation books and download related videos that help you focus on what you need to study for the exam. Using MCAT materials will help you better prepare for the test. From lecture notes to videos, textbooks to eBooks, practice questions to flashcards, you will find a number of preparation materials that you can include in your study schedule to better prepare for the test and bolster your chances of getting impressive scores.

  • Take as many Practice Tests as Possible

MCAT practice tests are undoubtedly the most effective way to monitor your overall performance and prepare you for the real test. Carefully review each completed test to improve areas that need your attention. In short, you can take these tests as an opportunity to improve your score.

  • Enroll in MCAT Prep Courses

Since it is a great idea to start preparing for the MCAT during your college year by taking good lectures notes of chemistry, biology, physics, humanities, psychology, and behavioral sciences. However, enrolling in MCAT prep classes is a sensible approach to get the best MCAT score.

MCAT Scores Matter Most to Getting into Medical School

The MCAT is an extremely important part of the medical school application. Getting it right is critically important to fulfill your dream of gaining admission into a top Caribbean medical school and become a doctor. It is the most challenging exams medical school applicants have to take.

Different studies suggest that if applicants perform well on the MCAT, then chances are they can do well on USMLE Step 1 and 2. This is why medical schools place much value on the MCAT while deciding if the applicant is the right fit for their institution. The ultimate goal is to produce a professional healthcare professional, and the MCAT is the most important factor that helps medical school admissions committees decide if the applicant has the potential to successfully pass the licensing exams required in order to practice.

There is no denying the fact that the MCAT is important, but keep in mind many medical schools will evaluate the application from an entirely different perspective and not only focus on the MCAT scores. Your science and math GPA, letters of recommendation, stellar personal statement, extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience are the most important factors for getting admitted to a top medical school.

How Competitive Your MCAT Score Is?

Since there is no magic formula to gain admission into a top medical school, getting a competitive MCAT score can make the process easier and smoother. If you want to check the competitiveness of your MCAT score, it is important to carefully research the average MCAT scores for the schools you are applying to. Carefully check the website of each school to stay up to date with the scores, GPA and other medical school admission requirements they need you to complete. This will better prepare applicants to get the perfect score that boosts their chances of gaining admission to medical school.

Each medical school receives hundreds of thousands of applications from candidates with different GPA, MCAT scores, volunteer experiences and skills. Keep in mind that the MCAT score that is ideal for one school is not necessarily the admission criterion for another school. A competitive MCAT score relies on other important elements of your medical school application, as well the schools you are aiming to apply to. However, the average mean MCAT score among all medical school applicants is 501 in 2017-2018, while successful applicants usually secure an average MCAT score of 508.

But that doesn’t mean you medical school application will be rejected if you don’t earn 508+, your application will be evaluated in the context of other crucial factors when it comes to determining whether or not to invite you for an interview. Therefore, you should understand the fact that securing a good MCAT score will not guarantee that you will successfully gain admission into the best medical school in the Caribbean.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, your MCAT score serves as an integral part of your medical school application. Earning a good MCAT score is greatly linked to higher rates of medical school admission success. But you can’t overlook the importance of other factors such as GPA, letters of recommendation, personal essay, and extracurricular activities when it comes to receiving a medical school acceptance letter. No matter which medical school you are thinking to apply to, performing well on the MCAT and earning competitive scores can set you apart from the applicant pool. If you want to maximize your MCAT score, follow the above-cited strategies before taking or retaking the exam. Good luck!