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Some Awesome Tips For  Technical Support Representatives



Technical support representatives play a vital role for the customers. Thus, they are often regarded as the face of the business. Any positive interaction between a customer and a company can make him not only a loyal customer but also an evangelist.

Here are ten tips that technical support staff should always keep in mind to ensure excellent customer service.

To be reliable

Create trust in the customer by demonstrating their understanding of what has said. Repeat what you just heard. As a result, the customer knows what has meant and can trust his listening. As a best practice, always confirm with the client that what you have paraphrased is correct.

Be honest

Should it be adapted to a higher level of support? If the agent has tried to solve the problem unsuccessfully, it is probably time to increase comfort. This new person can know more about the products or recognize something that the agent may have ignored.

Show genuine interest

It is essential that technical support representatives show a real interest in the customer’s questions or concerns. This makes the interaction more pleasant for the agent and the caller. Answering technical support calls can be monotone. However, agents need to keep their reputation fresh and optimistic by expressing their genuine interest in each client’s unique situation.

Be Conscious and Flexible

Remember that not everyone has the technology. If there is a direct solution, take time to discuss it with the end user. Inform the customer that he will send an email detailing the steps. It will calm the mind.

It is essential for the representative to think outside the box and to understand that sometimes a solution is not always in black and white. An alternative solution may be required to achieve the desired result or the like. Of course, this comes with the knowledge of the product that evolves.

Be action oriented

A situation can occur if the representative cannot resolve the position of the customer because the feature or function is currently not present in the product. Make sure that the customer has listened to your comments or requests by internally executing and communicating the feature request. This information is invaluable to the development team working on product enhancement for a future release.

Because the technical support representative may not be aware of product plans, avoid using absolute values such as “always” or “never” when dealing with a customer. Who knows? , , the functionality requested by the customer might be available in the next version of the product?

Be Responsive

The faster you answer, the better. When I send an e-mail for help, I hope to get an answer the next working day and hopefully in a few hours. Everyone should try to make reply support emails at least twice a day. I do it because I want to provide excellent service, but it also means that I do not get a lot of support emails every Monday morning. It means taking a laptop with me when I go out for a night. But it seems to me that answering holiday support emails for one hour a day is not a daunting task. Especially if I remember that the company paid for the holidays!

But not Too receptive

The downside to being very receptive is that it makes some customers cowardly. If they know they will get an answer in a few hours, they can email you about things they could easily find for themselves. The best answer to this question is “Strangulation” (NB / I do not want to strangle): If you notice that a customer is lazy, take more and more time to answer each e-mail. Eventually, they will make the trail.

If you’re trying to look like a more significant business than yourself, you probably do not want to respond to support emails outside regular business hours.

Answer as clearly as possible

  • Enter the customer’s e-mail address in his answer for the context
  • Number the instructions step by step
  • Write short paragraphs, not large parts of the text
  • Use correct grammar and check the spelling.
  • Avoid long e-mail signatures

Use pictures and videos

It is often helpful to provide an annotated image with your answer. For example, you can take a screenshot, highlight important elements in the screenshot, and then e-mail them together with text as an attachment.

Repeat unclear questions

Support issues can be very vague. Even people sent me an e-mail with the message “Not working”; It was not clear whether they were referring to the website, the installer or the software. Often, some emails are needed to understand the problem. If you are not 100% sure of what they mean, do your best to guess what they are saying, and repeat in your own words, followed by “Did I understand you correctly?” , Ask them if an error message appears.

Put  documentation online

If you have your documentation online, you can include links to the relevant pages of your documentation in your e-mail. This could also encourage the customer to consult the documentation the next time. But do not just send a link. Answer your question in the email and add the link as additional information.

Remember that every computer is different

There is a rumor that somewhere in Nebraska 2 PCs are configured identically. But I do not think the client may have set up his operating system with all kinds of weird options he’s never heard of. Antivirus software, malware, DLL errors, and hardware issues can cause problems. A cosmic ray could even have exceeded its RAM! Therefore, I usually do not spend so much time on a bug report, unless I can reproduce it myself or be reported by two different people.

Some Technical Support Role in a Quick Video

In closing

Technical support always little bites costly and most of the startup love to have short-term help from the Technical expert. The consequence, they are not able to get instant support. Hence, I think they should utilize the option of outsourcing! They can afford better service and support via that.

Best of luck!