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Smart Ways By Which You Can Make Money From Your Old Car

Maintaining a car can be a costly affair whether you’ve recently bought a new one or driving an old one for some years now.




Maintaining a car can be a costly affair whether you’ve recently bought a new one or driving an old one for some years now. When it comes to an old car, expenses can easily start to mount on to the point that you may seem that it’s the best time to get rid of your old car. 

You should keep in mind that there is indeed a market for used cars, whether the car is currently running or not. One of the main mistakes that car owners do when their car gets old is to rush to a dealership so that they can trade their old car for a new one. But, there are several alternative options that can help you maximise your returns from your old car. 

Methods To Help You Make Money From Your Old Car

1. Give Your Car Out For Rent

If you drive only on the weekends or generally don’t use your car most of the time, it’s time that you take advantage of this situation. You can easily rent out your car when you’re not using it. This will be a perfect way to not only make your old car useful but also earn money from the process too. 

There are various rental companies out there who will be willing to rent out your car for a specific time and price you charge them. One of the drawbacks of using this procedure is that your car insurer will not take this motive lightly and may cancel or invalidate your insurance. Therefore, you may have to talk with your car insurer regarding the issue. 

2. Sell Your Car And Car Parts For Cash

If your car is too old to be driven, then you can easily make a quick buck out of it. First of all, you need to contact your local car scraping company like scrap cars for cash in Auckland services and let them know of the car model you’re trying to sell. Once you’re fixated on the price, you can set an appointment date. The car scrapping company will themselves come to your home and pick-up your old car, without any problems.

You’ll be paid a fair price for your car according to its overall condition. Furthermore, you’ll be doing good for the environment as well. 

3. Use Your Car To Sell Advertisements

No car owner would want their new car to be wrapped with advertisements. But, if your car is old and you barely even use it nowadays, then it seems plausible to sell advertisements with the help of your car. You can approach advertising companies to market their brand through your car. In this way, you will be able to earn extra money from your car. You can always choose what to advertise through your car and what to not. 

Generally, you have to get your vehicle signed up for the process, pick a particular brand from the given options and then wait or the advertisement to be fitted on your car. Then your job is to drive your car all around the city (you can also hire a chauffeur for the same reason too) and then earn on a monthly basis. 

5. Turn Your Car Into A Courier Service

You can also earn extra money by becoming a casual courier. It’s a way for you to earn side income through your car. In the current market, there has been a steady rise in the need for delivery channels and if you can cater to those needs, then you can rake in a hefty amount of money. 

There are many online retailers like Amazon Flex which allow you to sign up mainly as couriers who are self-employed and thereby provide better delivery options to all of their customers. If you want to be such a person, then you need to have a car with a valid driving license. You have to pass the employing company’s background check and also have a piece of good knowledge about the area you’re going to work upon.

You need to be an expert at planning your delivery routes and also organising your workload as well. You also need to apply for courier insurance too.