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Small Cities In Croatia That Are Perfect For Vacation



Croatia is renowned for its natural beauty, ancient history, turquoise waters, Mediterranean cuisine and climate, and amazing people. These attributes make Croatia a perfect choice for a holiday vacation. There are countless stunning destinations in Croatia for a holiday vacation, making it a daunting task coming up with a list of the best places to visit. Most people know about the big and famous cities but there are award-winning small cities in Croatia for a holiday destination.

They hold something unique and special that isn’t viewed and explored by everyone, it’s something personal to every visitor that steps foot inside the perimeter of the city, the atmosphere of a small town where everybody knows each other and is familiar with one another, its pure and innocent and gives you such a great feeling to know you are exploring and are a part of beauty.

There are a few of those places in Croatia since the country by itself is extremely beautiful but I narrowed it down to a couple of them only just because I feel that these four are the most special ones. I’ve been to all four so I’m speaking from experience when I tell you how amazing they all are. I’ve travelled throughout Croatia and while all these big cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb are undoubtedly beautiful, the feel of a small city to me holds something deeper and more meaningful to a traveller and if you are anything like me then you strive for that feeling.

The following are small cities in Croatia that are perfect for vacation:


Small Cities In Croatia That Are Perfect For Vacation 1

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Lying between the Adriatic Sea and the Cetina River, Omis is a peaceful small town situated 25 kms south of Split. Omis is surrounded by massive mountains making it an ideal spot for mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, and ziplining. This town is a popular destination for travellers looking to escape the bustling city life and have peace of mind in a quiet location. One of the best things to do in Omis is exploring the old town. You’ll certainly be impressed by the beautiful historic buildings, narrow streets, and tucked away passages. When you feel bored, you can take a walk along the waterfront promenade and admire the views of the Adriatic. Your visit to Omis cannot be complete if you don’t hike up to the Mirabela Fortress and take incredible panoramic views of Omis and the surrounding areas.


Small Cities In Croatia That Are Perfect For Vacation 2



Skradin is a small Mediterranean town in Central Dalmatia. There are numerous things to do in Skradin making it a favourite vacation spot in Croatia. From cultural attractions, historical sites, excellent food, to adventurous activities, you can never have enough of this town despite its relatively small size. Some of the monumental historical sites you may consider visiting include the Church of Our Lady, St. Spiridon, and the churches of St. Petko and Jeronim. If you like to engage in outdoor activities, this is the town for you. There are long bicycle trails for cycling enthusiasts. Skradin also offers a wide range of water activities including; sea kayaking, paddling, swimming, and snorkelling. Skradin has a couple of nice restaurants, hotels, pubs and wineries, and a marina.


Small Cities In Croatia That Are Perfect For Vacation 3



Cavtat is a small yet popular vacation spot on the Adriatic Sea due to its rich history and a picturesque seafront. One of the popular sights in this small city is the Baltazar Bogisic collection, found in the Prince’s Palace. In this city, you’ll have an opportunity to visit the St. Nicola’s church and the Racic Family cemetery and mausoleum. There are also numerous iconic churches in Cavtat. Visitors can explore the many religious buildings and experience the local culture and art. There are many splendid places in Cavtat for swimming and where you can spend your day.


Small Cities In Croatia That Are Perfect For Vacation 4



This is a small town located on an island in a shallow lagoon. Nin is surrounded by sandy beaches and it is connected to the land with two stone bridges. This town has countless historical-cultural monuments including St. Cross church, duke Branimir monument, Kraljevac square and many more. Apart from its rich history, Nin is renowned for its stunning bay with sandy beaches. This town is a hub of various sporting activities such as beach volleyball, paintball, water sports, Nordic walking and many more.

So there you have it. These are some of the small cities that are ideal for a Croatia vacation and holiday. Visiting this city will hopefully give you a peace every traveller seeks or that home feeling when you are away from home. I would advise that you visit all four of these destinations because they are quite different and will give you different experiences, therefore, all positive and all memory worthy. You can’t go wrong if you decide to travel there.


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