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Sites You Must See at the City Palace While Visiting to Jaipur from USA



Jaipur is a vivacious city that has always been a favorite spot for global tourist. If you are also intrigued by the royalty of this city then book cheap flight tickets to Jaipur from USA. Despite the Mughlai architecture, the city has a great influence of Hindu Temples. The major attraction of Jaipur is City Palace which has basically Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Mukut Mahal, Shri Govind Dev Temple, Maharani’s Palace and the City Palace Museum.

Here’s is the brief description of must-visit tourist spots of City Palace.

Textile Museum

Situated in the sub-category area of the City Palace i.e Mubarak Mahal, Textile Museum exhibits the ornaments and royal clothes the royal families used to wear at that time. An exclusive and notable garment that was worn by the Raja Madho Singh II, the garment was said to be 4 ft. wide and was designed by using 190-meter long cloth. There are several other attractions also but another prominent one is the polo uniform that Raja Man Singh II used to wear when he was alive. If you are living in USA and wish to see this palace, then there are cheap flight tickets avialable online for this route.

Arms Museum

Located in Maharani Palace, the Arms Museum is another big tourists junction for exploring the collection of ancient war weapons such as the pistols different number of barrels, scissor-action daggers, etc. One of the most alluring attraction that intrigues all the tourists is the royal sword gifted to Maharaja Ram Singh by the English Queen Victoria in the 18th century. There are many other distracting weapons which would catch the visitors eyes such as the walking sticks which are convertible into guns, canon and shields, etc. If you are the you haven’t visited Jaipur yet and thinks that we are bragging about it, you are requested to book cheap flight tickets to India and see it for yourself.

Art Museum

This Museum is the most visited museum amongst all the sites in the palace. It is basically dedicated to Sawai Ram Singh who was India’s first photographer of India. The 3-D painting of Sawai Ram Singh is the creepy yet yet interesting site, the eyes of the king in the painting is said to be staring at you, no matter which side you look at it. And, not to forget the series of paintings of Sawai Ishwar Singh which were completely painted by hands. The museum also exhibits many rare and old photographs clicked by the price himself.

Bagghi Khana

This place is a great junction for you, if you have a penchant for vintage automobiles. Here, one would find a collection of vintage and classic cars, old carriages, European cabs and palanquins. Many visitors from USA. The a traditional chariot- ‘Mahadol,’ is the magnetic attraction here, which was used to carry, queens, brides during wedding and also the idols of Hindu Gods. It also exhibits a carriage called- Victoria Baggi, that was presented by the Prince of Wales to the king.

Govind Dev Ji Temple

When people all around the world comes to India for travel and site seeing, they always often visit Jaipur. And this temple in the City Palace is considered as the major attraction. Govind Dev Ji temple was built by the king in 18th century, dedicating it to Hindu Lord- Krishna. This temple is situated in the complex of the palace. The ancient antique structure lies amid in the garden of the palace. The temple is full of beautiful religious and spiritual paintings, chandeliers, Lord Krishna’s idol.

Food and Shopping Corner of the City Palace

There are junctions available for both the purposes in the palace itself.


Well, it is obvious and maximum probable that in the middle of site-seeing fun, you might get hungry and to this you are prohibited to enter the premises again once you are off of there. So, keeping that thing in there is a restaurant- ‘Baradari’, which is in-house and offering delicious food to the visitors. Global tourists who love to come to India admits that the Rajasthani cuisine is royal in itself.


If you happen to have a flair for heritage handcrafts and handwoven clothes, then the city palace has a place called- ‘Palace Atelier.’ Earned money from the sales is used to support a foundation namely Princess Diya Kumari Foundation in order to strengthen the rural women.

The Timings for Visiting City Palace Museum

The City Place Museum opens daily from 9:30 to 5:00 pm and 5:30 t0 10:30 pm, except for national holidays according to Indian calendar. Also, City Palace Museum exhibits a Light and Sound show which is very pleasant to see.

Mentioned above are some of the major spots for site seeing in the City Palace Museum of Jaipur. We hope you like all the information provided about this museum in this post. If you like it then book cheap flights from USA to Jaipur.