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Significance of Design in Web Application Development

How much design of a web app impacts the users? Why does a web app development company emphasize on including smart and lucrative designs in the web apps? Let’s know.



Web Development

With so many applications around us, it makes the experience enthralling and exciting at the same time. Technologies have made us super-efficient and encourage us to get our tasks and transactions done by the use of apps. These could be by both mobile applications and web applications.
The trend has so much popularized that preferred mode of transaction as well as shopping today is an app. It is convenient and offers required services are some of the points that add to its popularity and brand visibility.

Now that we know the opportunities prevailing by the apps, users couldn’t be more gripped. While mobile apps have taken the cover of almost all populations across the globe, web apps are still the first choice of users. A web app development company tends to create web apps with appealing designs that make every second experience worthwhile.

Design is critically important when it comes to developing a web app. Well, you see, the functioning of the web application comes secondary as the first thing that a user observes in the design is the look and feel of the app.

If the design doesn’t seem to lure the users, they may not even think to use it even once! Yes, this fact remains true in all aspects of web app development. Thus, in today’s time, most web application development companies have a set of web designers whose only task is to design a web app lucratively yet keeping it simple.

Fact Alert: In 15 minutes of going through the website, around 66 percent of people prefer a beautifully designed site versus something plain and simple.

Let’s analyze more on the significance of design in web application development.

1) Visual Story-telling Representation

A graphic and visual representation of the website has much more to say than simple, plain and boring content throughout the website. 

In fact, with the use of profitable design ideas, the simplest content could be put into a strong storytelling visual display and thus luring more users to explore the web app. A web designer can implement design elements like the creative use of white background, smart navigations, easy log-in and log- out, subtle colors and more. All these elements can improve the user experience for users.

2) Increased Sales

Another important advantage of having a cool and smartly curated design on the website is that it increases the sales and thus increasing the profit of the business. The agenda of having a well-designed web application is that it encourages users to use the web and explore it.

In doing so, many users become comfortable enough to make transactions on it or do purchasing on it. The increase in the transaction leads to sales and thus helps the business with increasing and elevating the profits easily. The greater the comfort of users with the design, navigation of the website, the greater would be the sales of the business.

For instance: Statista states that e-commerce activities are anticipated to grow by 21.3% by the year 2019 on e-commerce websites.

3) User Engagement

Another major significance of having equipped with the pleasant design of the website is that it improves user engagement with the business and brand. In the digital age, there is no more challenge of visiting the brick and mortar shop and then looking through the store to make a purchase.

Instead, a user can simply visit the site of the brand on the mobile app or for better visibility on the web app to make any kind of purchasing. A web application development company incorporates design on the website such that it summons better user engagement for users as they get more distinctness options than mobile apps.

4) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy

Another significance of design in web app development is the amount of optimization the websites have because of SEO. It becomes easy to identify or highlight the website with the use of SEO strategy. Web designers use SEO strategy to affect the search engine crawl and website indexing. There are many other websites that may be offering the same thing that you are offering. To win the encounter, website development companies manage to incorporate SEO keywords into the website in such a manner that your websites comes at top ranking than other websites.

Many businesses avail the SEO opportunity by outsourcing the work to digital marketing companies. However, it’s pretty easy to afford one by the business as many web app development companies offer SEO services inclusive of all other offerings.

Brand Uniformity

Your brand is your identity that sets you apart from competitors. And for having a unique identity, you need to have a logo that is easily recognized by the users. A perfect brand logo is the best element that easily connects with the users. A logo that sets you apart from other competitors can easily make a big difference in the brand visibility also.

It is advised to invest the time in creating a logo that has a great design and users can easily relate its identity with the business. It is also important that users can easily identify your logo within all types of mediums. A creative brand logo designed beautifully is thus the apt solution.

Attract Profitable Clients Towards the Business

Loyal clients are the base for any business to achieve profit in the long run. In order to attain the loyalty of the clients, it is very important to offer them something of value like great content pieces on the website or a reward to entice them more and more towards the platforms.

A base of loyal customers would also help to market the brand on other platforms where these loyal users are regular visitors. More to this, as much as the count of clients will be increased it will for sure add more to the visibility of the website.

Resourceful Asset For Marketing

A well developed website is a resourceful asset in marketing the services. That said, marketing strategies come handy when it is about selling the brand. With a website developed significantly with relevant information a company will have the required platform that will act as a helpful resource for marketing the services.

Interestingly, it is easy to update on offers, products, and discount on service website than to update about an ongoing service on different platforms. Additionally, it will take less time as well as the efforts that are required for the same. The same case applies when it is about update blogs or other write-ups on the website.

Adds To Brand Consistency

Significant web designing services help to add consistency to the website in a number of ways. Consistent web design is important so that users can have a familiarity with the web app. Web design is a combined term for styling, fonts used on the website, and layout across the page.

Uniform design not only adds consistency but also make it look professional to the users coming to visit the web page. A thoughtfully designed website adds to the user retention rate as well. Added retention rate can further form the base of new leads to the business.

Makes A Great First Impression On Users

First impression is something that adds to the life time experience of the users. So, it is very important to make that required first impression in order to keep the clients for long in the business. Therefore, design your layout with an aim to delight the clients with the designs along with the services that are offered by the company.

As discussed above, the impression can be made with a uniform design in fonts and other significant elements like content uniformity, well-placed CTA, etc. In case you remain able to make a positive first impression, you have your clients’ interest in the website and ultimately in the business.


Wrapping up, website development is one of the practices that is shaping the applications industries ardently. The gone era was all about emphasizing on simply selling the products and services. This is not the case anymore.

Web application development companies manage to develop web apps that not only meet user demands but also improve their relationship with the users through design skills.

Today users are more about how comfortable they are with the web apps. Thus, development companies, even custom web application development company are highlighting the designing of their web apps and how they are significant in achieving success in the market.

The ultimate aim of a well-designed app revolves around attaining more and more clients and for the same, it is important to maintain consistency, brand visibility, consistency and all the considerations that have been discussed here in detail. A well-designed website is the right asset to outreach customers irrespective of the geographical boundaries and offer them services to make them loyal clients.

Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.