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Share Customer Stories And Reviews On Instagram And Relate With Email Marketing



There are a few strategic approaches that you should follow to make sure that both Instagram and email do their work separately just as required and when combined produce the benefits of each to make the integration a success. 

This is not an easy task at all and especially if you are new to Instagram, or strangely to email. In such situations, it is better to take help of experts like Gramista to ensure the process is followed accurately so that you gain the maximum benefits for your business and gain more followers, sales prospects and business revenue.

Try different content types

You will need to try out different types of contents though you may argue that this is not a traditional or inherently a marketing strategy. However, this is a good idea because you will be well acquainted with the different types of contents that Instagram allows the businesses to post. 

Apart from the photos, consider using video in your post especially when you think that a photo is not just enough to tell the users about:

  • The product specifics
  • The usage or 
  • The benefits it will provide.

You can use the Instagram Carousel feature to create a compelling and intuitive video. This feature will allow you to tell a better story through the video or highlight a product using multiple photos. 

When you use different forms of content it will help you in different ways such as:

  • Maximizing your reach on the platform
  • Make the content itself more interesting to the followers
  • Allow then to see the video on their Insta feed and 
  • See hundreds of other photos as well.

Videos and pictures were the best ways to showcase a product and tell about it to the users, these need to be perfect and appealing as well. The Instagram Carousel feature will help you a great deal in this regard. 

Sharing customer reviews

You will even get a far better response from the followers in terms of visiting your site and responding to your emails if you share the testimonials, reviews and stories. This is because it is one thing when you tell through your photos and videos that your product is awesome and extremely beneficial for a user in their daily life and it is a completely different thing when the same thing is told by one and all the genuine customers. This will create a far better and stronger impact on ten minds of the followers. This is because:

  • The followers will have someone to relate to 
  • They will have more belief in what the customer says knowing that there is no element of sales intent in it and 
  • It will be far more authentic.

Therefore, make it a point that you collect these testimonials, reviews, and stories about your product and share them on Instagram. When you use your emails, you can also include a few of these in your content as well to make your emails more worthy, trustable and successful. This will surely urge the customers to make a buying decision.

Schedule your post

Whether it is Instagram or email, you should schedule your posts so that you know it reaches to the targeted audience and customers and will be ‘seen’. Posting the contents just at the time when you know that the users are active and online will make sure that it will be seen by the people you intend to, whether it is an Instagram follower or your email subscriber.

Since social media marketing can be unnecessarily time-consuming, and it needs no further explanation of why. You can term Instagram as the prime culprit. It actually takes a lot of time to:

  • Take great photos
  • Edit them to make it perfect further and then 
  • Craft a clever caption before you post them.

In addition to that, you will also need time to schedule your Instagram posts days, weeks, or months in advance.

You can save a considerable amount of time in doing all these jobs if you use proper Instagram post scheduling apps to plan out your Instagram posts. You can then devote the saved time to create content for your emails to make it more appealing and enticing without making the users feel that you are trying to make a sale to them.

Update your Story often

The Instagram Stories is an amazing feature offered by the platform to the business accounts for sharing contents. This feature will allow your content to be on top of the Insta feeds of your followers.

However, you can achieve this only when you update your Story periodically, preferably once in a day. This will help you to keep the followers engaged. The Instagram Stories are typically located at the top of the News Feeds of your followers. It means that it is very easy to locate them and view the things that you post. 

If you have posted a new photo or video just recently, make sure that you use your Instagram Story to direct the followers towards it. You will find that the possibilities then are seemingly are endless.

Giveaways and coupons

On your Story, run giveaways or coupons to tap on the human psychology that everyone loves to have something that is offered for free. Take the maximum advantage of this by hosting giveaways on your Story. This means that you will need to give away products or coupons to the winners. 

  • The best way to do is to get the people to post photos by using specific and relevant hashtag. This will enable them to be found. 
  • The next thing to do is to repost their photos on your Story which is the best way to engage the followers.

To make a better effect, collect some great user-generated contents and use these to spread more brand awareness to more people and connections of your followers as well as boost engagement and get more followers.

In the end, you can direct all these followers gained towards your site so that they get to sign on your email list to subscribe.

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.