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Shabnam Singh: The Epitome Of Love, Sacrifice And Strength



The mother-son relationship can be complex but it can also be extremely rewarding at times. While a father’s role in a boy’s life is a little easier to define, a mother’s influence is just as important or maybe more vital than that of his male counterpart. The connection between Yuvraj Singh, Star national cricketer and his mother Shabnam Singh can be put forward in the same regards and their story can inspire a lot of people out there with all those struggles and emotions around.

Yuvi’s parents got separated while he was into his teenage only and whilst both the kids decided to stay with their mother, she never let their life shadowed out of their family issues and always asked Yuvraj to just focus on his cricketing career. Moreover, when Yuvi was diagnosed with Lung cancer, she took care of him while having all those sleepless nights crying and praying to God for his Son’s well being. Even Yuvraj has mentioned in his autobiography that his mother was the motivation behind all his success and she was the one who stood by him even in his worst times being a cricketer.

Even now when Yuvraj and his family is surrounded by Dirty claims by Yuvi’s Sister in law Akansha Sharma regarding Domestic Violence, the Iron lady Shabnam Singh is there to take guard fighting against all odds for his family. Moreover, she is still dealing with every allegation and legal formalities all by herself just like a warrior fighting for her family’s Integrity. Every mother on the planet shall follow her example and doesn’t matter which way these fake allegations by her daughter-in-law goes, she is standing tall there to deal with it. Hats off to this spirit of Motherhood!