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SEO Myths to Avoid in 2019 & Beyond



SEO Myths to Avoid in 2019 & Beyond

Keywords Does Not Matter

Most people do not consider keyword research or optimizing the website for the right keywords, thinking that it no longer impacts the SERPs. However, this is not true. Although practices such as keyword stuffing and over optimization do not work anymore, but doing the right keyword research and creating a strategy around it is still as important as it was before. You just need to insert keywords naturally in the text to ensure you get the hits from Google and other search engines.

There are important keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner which makes the process of keyword research as simple as possible. The keywords are listed with the number of searches per volume and competition, although the competition column is about the Google Ads bid competition.

Meta Tags Don’t Work Anymore

Meta Tags such as Title, Keywords and Description don’t impact the search results. That’s not true at all. Title and description are still one of the most important tags as far as SEO is concerned. If you are to rank for a keyword, make sure you put it in the title and description of your site. That is how Google understands what the site is about.  These tags are inserted in the header of a website and are one of the first tags that Google reads when crawling a web page. Although the meta keywords tag does not impact search results, but it still shares important information about the site and must not be left empty.

Backlinking is Not Important

Everyone knows that content is the king, however, it does not mean that if you are sharing high quality site, it will start getting ranked in the search engines. Though, link schemes and link farms do not work anymore, but backlinking as a whole for pushing the site to the first page results of Google is still important. Afterall, how would anyone know about your site if you do not create certain links from high authority sites. Make sure the backlinks you create are from high authority sites that are relevant.

Guest Posting is Dead

Guest posting is a popular off-page seo strategy. Many SEOs left it when Matt Cutts shared that guest posting is not an effective means of building links. However, what he meant by that was guest posting only for the sake of link sharing is considered spam. If it is giving important information and tips with a contextual link, then it is one of the most effective ways to build high quality authoritative links today.

Including a Target Keyword in Anchor Text does not Matter

Ever since Google Penguin update started to punish over-optimized over-optimized anchor text link profiles, many SEOs assume that inserting exact match keywords in the anchor text will harm their site. Thats again a myth. Though you need to focus more on the branded keywords and naked urls in your link profile, but building exact match keyword links still is important to pass link juice to your site and push the rankings in the upward direction.

Hiring an Agency will quickly increase your SEO strategy

SEO takes time. It is one of the slowest marketing strategies and needs proper invest and time unlike the other strategies. Hiring a professional SEO Company based in Pakistan is a good thing as your site’s SEO will be done by professionals, however, it does not mean that they will quickly rank your site which you or some freelance person may take more time to otherwise optimize for the search results. In certain cases, you need to avoid a company that over promises seo results or do not have a proper content marketing strategy.

External Linking to Other Sites Sends Users Away

Inserting links to external sites for facts and verification is important since it builds trust. It does not send users away at all. This is nother seo myth debunked. If you check high authority sites, you will see that many blogs have an external link placed but are still receiving good amount of traffic from the targeted audience. Some of the popular marketing blogs such as Forbes, entrepreneur are full of external links but are an authority on the internet.

Social Signals Do Not help at all

Google does not clearly share the effect of social signals when it comes to boosting search engine rankings. However, it also does not negate it. Social signals impacts a site’s results if it is bringing valuable traffic to the site. When a link starts getting good healthy traffic, it starts ranking in the search result pages. So jump on social media to generate a few healthy social signals for giving some traffic to your site. Who knows, the keywords start to rank in better positions for it.

Heading Tags Are Powerful

Heading tags such as H1-H6 are not as important as they used to be. Instead of going crazy over the heading tags, make sure you are inserting good valuable information in the tags to make it relevant to the web page.