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See what Beeswax Candles have in Store for you!




Candles are one of the basic objects that we see in our day to day life, hence not much thought is given about them. However, if we look closely, candles have been there for centuries now. They were the primary source of heat and light when there was no electricity. But this is not the ancient form; oil lamps were the predecessors of the candles we see today, but they had the problem of getting spilled over and creating huge havoc.

Over the years, people have utilized their artistic minds to make the plain looking candle stick more aesthetical. Today the candles are not only beautiful to look at, but also smell wonderful. A lot of natural scents are added to them which help in calming nerves. Needless to say, candles can be used almost anywhere and everywhere, be it a party or a place of religious sentiment. With all the festivities around the corner, you might want to look at some beautiful candle lanterns. Integrity Candles in Australia believes in providing you with wonderful custom made candles in whatever shape, size and type you may please.

Various benefits of beeswax candles

Beeswax, as the name suggests, is a natural wax that is made by the honeybees. Beeswax is utilized for making various products for its wide range of benefits and the candle is one of them. Being natural, its toxicity level is almost negligible and can also be consumed by humans. Also, beeswax candles in Australia are much better than their cheap paraffin alternatives. Beeswax has been used for making candles since time unknown and was believed to grant spirituality and wisdom. Here are the various unknown benefits of using beeswax candles:


Burning beeswax candles have various health benefits for the people inside the room. They help in purifying the air of the room rather than polluting it, like in the case of the paraffin candles. The more negative ions are there in the air of a room, the more soothing effect it will have on you. Beeswax candles are the only ones that are a natural generator of negative ions and it helps in purifying the air around you. Studies have also shown that beeswax candles have positive effects on asthma and help in keeping allergies away as it purifies the air from various viruses and bacteria.


A 100% natural beeswax candles are absolutely eco-friendly and its production as well as consumption has no negative effect on the environment. They are derived from the honey bees in a proper manner, posing no threat to their life. As they are coming from a natural resource, they are also renewable, which makes sure that none of the Earth’s resources are getting depleted. Also, as they have a sweet smell of honey in itself, there is hardly any need for artificial and toxic fragrance rendering substances. Beeswax candles are also dyed using natural dyes only. All these help in ensuring that burning it will not pollute the environment in whatsoever manner possible. 


Beeswax candles last almost three times longer than an average paraffin candle and they also burn brighter than them. The beeswax candles are completely natural and no extra additives are added to them to make them last longer like it is done for the paraffin candles. Also, they are a lot less messy than their alternative which drips and solidifies almost everywhere.

These are the few benefits of beeswax candles. In the age of being environmentally concerned, we should find the best possible alternatives for every possible thing, including candles, which will help in making the earth greener and healthier again.