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Secrets of Getting The Haircut You Always Wanted!



You went to best hair salons in Brooklyn hoping that you will get the best haircut and you will get the looks that you had in mind! But are you sure once you are out of salon you will get the desired look? You can’t be unless you discuss all the details with your prospective stylist. No worries if you are visiting a stylist for the first time. You will have to learn to speak your heart out! Okay now let’s talk about things that may be helpful:

Ask from Hairstylist “Have you taken a look at my current hairstyle & hair type & pattern?”

Even before your hairstylist picks-up his scissors to cut them to shape, you have to make sure that he takes a closer look at the hair by touching them.  If someone from the salon tries to shampoo your hair without offering a look by the stylist, then you must stop this from happening. Unless hair stylist analyses how your hair look currently, how you style them, what the growth pattern is, he is not doing good to you?

Try to speak regarding hairstylist about the style you want!

Yes, even if you are visiting a salon for the first time, there is no harm in learning some jargon. Do you want hairstylist to give you a shocking cut because he could not understand your style requirement? No one wants this to happen and to avoid this you should be specific about the style that you needs. If you want a curl, say it clearly and if you want a bang, explain the type like the soft bang, strong bang, etc.

Make sure that you discuss your problems clearly

When you are visiting the salon, you must have a clear objective, and that should get the best-styled haircut. If you had faced some problems in the past, then it will make more sense if you discuss them instead of how you may look after styling. Discuss hair styling and chemical problems in coloring. You will surely not like a repeat of what you had faced in the past.

What about a style scrapbook?

If you have recently got inspirations from celeb magazine photos and gasped about getting the same, then try this. Just grab all the pics in a notebook and take them along when you visit salon the next! It may give hairstylist a fair idea of the texture you want, a color that you may need and shape that you like to get.

But when you are going for hair styling, you can never be sure that the style you have just seen can’t be done. Why? The hairstyle that you have in mind may not work with the hair that you have. Don’t expect your stylist to mess with your hair. So when you share photographs with your stylist, it may tell you rather early where you can get that style or not.

When you are getting your hair styled, you have to make sure that you are talking about all sides of your head. You have to be specific about the questions and the answers. You may need shortly layered or long layered hair if you want more layers at one place and lesser at the other then you have to tell your stylist about this!


Once the styling is being done from the best hair salons in Brooklyn, you have to ask him what you may do to regain the style. If he is using few specific products, then you may like to know about them so that you may use them later on.