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Rev Up Your Surface with Concrete Resurfacing



Concrete Resurfacing

If you have concrete floor, pathway or driveway, it tends to wear out and get damaged over a period. Due to regular use, it tends to break up at some places. It not only looks dirty and damaged, but it also results in other problems like trips, falls, and clogged rain water, bumpy drive etc. Instead of breaking up the entire old concrete and re-pouring it completely, you have the option of concrete resurfacing. This is an easy and money-saving process that can give a new finish to your concrete floor without replacing it completely. But this option is viable only if your old concrete is worn out and mildly damaged only. If it has large potholes that are beyond repair, then this process won’t work.

How Concrete Resurfacing Is Done?

Traditionally, you had to break up the entire concrete slab, remove all the material from the old surface, and then pour in the new concrete coatings to get the new surface. This used to be a time-consuming and tiresome process. If it covered a large area, it proved to be a very expensive endeavor too. But with concrete resurfacing, you can use the old surface as a base for the new one. You can pour in the new resurfacing material on top of the old surface and align to get a new look. Here are the step by step instructions for the entire process:

  • First, you must wash the old concrete surface properly to remove any dirt and grime from it
  • Then prime the cracks, reinforce with fabric and cover with polymer concrete
  • Smooth out the surface to make it even with the rest of the concrete surface
  • Fill any holes with epoxy mortar
  • After making all the needed repairs, prime the surface and then cover it with a polymer concrete spray
  • Finish with a trowel
  • You can take this as an opportunity to change the color of your surface. You can apply decorative colors if you want
  • Apply a seal coat afterwards to protect the new concrete from damage
  • Once you are done with the process, allow the surface to dry up completely for about 2-3 days. Do not use the surface till then

Why Opt for Concrete Resurfacing

There are several reasons for which you should consider resurfacing your concrete rather than getting it replaced:

  • It saves money: As compared to replacing your old surface, resurfacing it costs much less money in terms of labor as well as materials. You do not need to grind the concrete floor anymore and you can easily pour some concrete coatings on your existing floor with some adhesives.
  • It saves time: Since products used for resurfacing can level themselves automatically, there is not much work needed for smoothing and leveling the surface. Therefore, the entire process takes much less time and effort.
  • It can change the look: If you are bored with the look of your old concrete surface, you can change it by adding some colorants or stamps of special finishes and patterns during resurfacing, that too within budget. You may also add anti-slip coatings to your floor, . and it is perfect for your bathroom and poolside areas.
  • It makes the surface stronger: Materials used for concrete resurfacing are strong and durable, and some of them are even resistant to stains. It adds a double layer of concrete to your surface, thus adding to its strength and resilience power
  • It increases your property value: By fixing the cracks and damage on your floor, you can give it a brand-new look and thus increase your property’s value.

With so many advantages, concrete resurfacing proves to be the best option to revive your worn-out concrete surface.

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