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Replacement Parts For Roller Shutters



Cheek Plate

The two load bearing cheek plates also known as end plates support the roller on which shutter get rolled. These cheek plates are adjusted to the building framework to which the shutter has to be attached securely using necessary fixings so that they can bear full load of the shutter

Flag Post

The cheek plate can either be welded to a vertical angle or can also be attached to the top of the guide looks like a flag post. The vertical angle is also ensured to be secured to the building framework providing an extra support and help in the installation of the shutter

Rolling Assembly

The shutter sheet is kept according to the full width of the roller. Cheek plates are supporting the roller from both sides. There is a tubular motor fitted on one side of a cylindrical long steel bar and shaft on the other side. The whole mechanism forms a roller.

Tabular Motor

Shutter’s overhead barrel assembly has a tabular motor fixed inside it. Protruding from the barrel is the motor head which joins a manual supersede eye (when a manual override facility is incorporated), the electrical wire feed, and a couple of limit switches to control the greatest travel distance of the shutter curtain. There is an operational brake to keep the shutter still and immovable when it is in an open position, allowing the passage of people and vehicles.

Safety Brake

Safety brake is actually a centrifugal brake that arrests or holds the falling down of shutter if a failure happens in the motor. If the motor’s brake fails and is unable to keep the shutter stationary when it is in an opened position, the special safety brake gets automatically operational with the help of latest micro-switches that will cut-off electric supply to the motor. One of the main features of this brake is that it needs to be manually reset by an expert and certified shutter engineer if the brake gets activated.

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