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Repair or Replace your water heater? Know now!



A hot water system uses multiple methods to provide a constant and consistent supply of hot water in our homes. Whether it’s a hot bath that you need after you come home after a long tiring day at work, or the need to wash your hair during the cold winter months, your hot water system is going to be your best friend. So, discovering that your water heater is misbehaving or starting to break down can be quite heartbreaking.

But a deteriorating heater doesn’t become an issue until you have to take your first icy cold shower. Now, the question arises, replace, or repair? How can you know if your water heater is permanently damaged or it’s just acting up? That’s when you need a professional. He’s the only one who can help you decide the best way out. So, the next time, your water heater conks out, call up an emergency plumber. A. Able Plumbing offers the most reliable and affordable service when it comes to hot water issues. They have experts who provide solutions to all kinds of problems. And you get your hot water back in no time, without burning a hole in the pocket.

6 factors that determine the fate of your water heater :

To be honest, almost every plumbing issue is a stressful thing. But the breakdown of our water heater is a thing that gets us worrying quite a lot. Hot water is almost a basic necessity, and life without a working water heater is not only inconvenient, but also a potential hazard to the entire electric system. So, hot water system repairs in Perth are quite common. To determine whether to replace or repair your system, you just need to look out for these signs:

  1. Age of heater : The age of a water heater is one of the most important signs that it needs replacement. A general thumb rule is that every hot water system should be replaced every six to twelve years. After this time span, it starts to near its end and shows signs of deterioration.
  2. Cold water : Obviously, one of the clearest signs of water heater breakdown is when you turn on the shower and are welcomed with icy, cold droplets. This is the first sign that will tell you that your water heater is not having a good day.
  3. Deteriorating tank : Age is not the only sign that your heater needs to be replaced. You need to look out and see if the water heater tank is working fine or not. A deteriorating tank will lead to a water heater breakdown.
  4. Rusty water : This is a clear warning sign that your water heater needs help. When your hot water system starts corroding, it produces rust and that mixes with the water, and you get lovely brown hot water coming up. However, you need to be absolutely sure that the problem lies in the heater, and not in corroded iron plumbing. Check this by turning on the cold water. If still rusty, well your heater isn’t to be blamed.
  5. Leaking tank : If the tank is leaking, the best chances are to replace the heater completely. Because a leaking tank is a serious internal issue and rarely fixable.
  6. Unable to drain : And finally, you should check that whether the heater is being unable to drain the water through the drain valve. This is the reason that your heater needs to be flushed at least once a year. If not done so, sediments build up, leading to irreversible damage. And finally, there comes a point where it’s unable to drain water anymore and the only option is to replace the heater.

So, these were the key points that you need to keep in mind to determine the condition of the heater. Based on this, you will have to call in a professional for either repairing or replacing the water heater.