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Regular Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Saves Your Money and Time



Everyone dreams of having a four-wheel vehicle in his house. However, nowadays most people have their vehicles (cars and other), and they use it for daily life. But in this fast running life, you often forget a lot of things, one of them is the maintenance of your four-wheel vehicle. You should take care of your vehicle because keeping it maintained is an essential step that every car owner should follow to make their vehicle problem-free and extend its life. And it should be kept as new as if it had just come from the showroom.

If you follow the schedule for the maintenance of your car honestly, then you will see that your car will always perform in the best way. You will often see that by having a weekly inspection done, you can save yourself from recurring vehicle expenses, which can resultantly save you thousands of dollars. I am here to explain to you about some vehicle maintenance tips that you must follow for its longevity.

Change Regularly Vehicle Engine Oil and Oil filter:

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your any vehicle. It acts as a lubricant in your car, which protects it and works to reduce the heat during friction. Due to which the performance of your vehicle also increases. If you are not changing the engine oil of your vehicle regularly, then it is a matter of thinking. And it is harmful to your pocket as well as it is very problematic for your vehicle health. There are two types of oil available in the market one is petroleum-based and other is synthetic. Sometimes you often see that there are many cars in whose engine, there enter some particles, due to which the vehicle performance does not remain up to the mark and they stop working. There is a big reason for this; oil filter is not changed timely. You need to change engine oil and oil filter after every 12000 miles run. This is just 10 minutes process if you do it by yourself or replaced by your mechanic. 

Change Your Spark Plugs When Needed 

You drive your car daily, and you notice that your engine is not working efficiently and is not able to lift the load properly. So, the spark plug may be the cause of this problem. If it is not monitored thoroughly, it can also damage your engine, which can waste both your time and money. Then my recommendation is, if you want to run your vehicle for a long time you must replace the plugs for better performance. The Spark plugs are typically replaced after every 30K Miles or more. For more information, you can also check the owner’s manual. 

Battery Must be New and Contacts Should be Clean

Nowadays, such batteries have come in the market which does not require much for maintenance. But even after being very careful, you forget that there may be no water in your battery and whether it is charging properly or not and more. You must have all this information. You should also be aware that the time has come to replace your vehicle’s battery.  A car without a well-performing battery is like a corpse. You can also check the battery yourself. By using a multimeter with the engine, you can find out whether the battery is fully charged or not (approximately 12.4 to 12.7 volts). When the car is on, you can check the voltage more thoroughly, which should be around 13.7 to 14.7 volts. If the battery is low, it can be an alternator. You can check it by turning the engine on and leaving the cable supply of the battery and if the car stops then it can be due to the alternator. And if the lights are getting dim or bright at the time of starting the engine, then there is definitely some fault in your alternator.

Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

It is very important for safe driving. The driver should have a clear view of the road. If the driver does not see clearly from the glass while driving, there may be dirty windshield behind it. If the windshield is not cleaned or changed regularly, then there may come scratches on your glass and due to which your glass can be damaged.

Consistent Check-up of Tire Air Pressure and Wheel Alignment 

Tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. So, it’s very important to always take care of the tire’s air pressure, wheel alignment and tire balancing of the vehicle. It should never be delayed or ignored in checking. By doing this, there improves the safety, efficiency of it and they work for a long time. If you have a good habit of getting tires checked regularly, then you can save both your time and money. One more significant thing I want to share with you, also check your vehicle hoses, power steering fluid level and engine belts for any indications of damage. After warming up your car, check the transmission fluid level too.

Clean the Radiator

The radiator plays a very important role in keeping your vehicle cool. You must include coolant in it regularly to keep it fine. Also, protect it from overheating the radiator by removing debris with a soft brush and washing the outer surface of the radiator with detergent solution.


To enhance the life of your car and to maintain its performance, a regular check-up is certainly a vital task to do. Here, in this blog, you can find some of the best tips to improve the working of your four-wheeled vehicles. Implement these efficient tips and get a well-performing vehicle. 

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