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Reasons You Can Be Denied a Credit Card Even with Good Credit



Having great credit, even brilliant credit, is no assurance that you’ll get affirmed for a credit card. You may have just had the terrible experience of being denied for a credit card in spite of having an incredible credit score. Furthermore, you were most likely amazed by the choice. One of the advantages of having great credit gathered be that your applications get affirmed. Shockingly, credit scores aren’t the main thing credit card backers use to choose whether you fit the criteria when you apply for a credit card.

Various following factors can prompt you being denied for a credit card regardless of whether you have fantastic credit. You can read about the benefits of a credit card to know more in detail.

Low income:

There are different moneylenders who are promptly accessible to give credit cards to qualified clients, that too with higher credit limits. Notwithstanding, it is vital that your reimbursement limit is tasteful and your income backs up your claim. The income qualification criteria must be met and the candidate additionally needs to submit income reports, for example, Form 16, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, and so forth., at the season of application. Your application will be rejected in the event that you don’t meet the income necessities determined by the lender.


Occupation is another essential factor considered by the credit card organizations while issuing a credit card. Some credit card applications might be dismissed because of the work of the candidate, regardless of whether they satisfy the base criteria required. Reputation of the organization is a factor considered while assessing the reimbursement limit of a candidate. A temperamental work history likewise would influence the endorsement of your credit card application contrarily.

Error in the application form:

Despite the fact that this may appear like a minor issue, committing errors on the application form can wind up in a credit card application getting rejected. Numerous candidates make this blunder while filling the application form, for example, – missing vital information, entering incorrectly points of interest, and so forth. This is the reason it is smarter to apply online for a credit card since online credit card applications provoke the candidate to fill any compulsory field that has been overlooked.

Owning different credit cards:

In case an individual has a few credit cards in his/her name, at that point the odds that his/her credit application being declined is high. All loan specialists view candidates as dependable just in the event that they have a decent obligation to-income proportion. On the off chance that the income surge is high due to having various credit cards, at that point the loan specialist won’t be persuaded of the creditworthiness of the borrower. Lenders don’t incline toward borrowers who every now and again exchange the adjust on their credit cards or change cards regularly.

Location confirmation:

All loan specialists make a physical confirmation of the candidate and his/her address – both private and authority. Thus, it is essential that when the agents of the organization visit the location to confirm their home and office address nothing turns out badly. It is vital that the address you have determined in the credit card application is exact.