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Reasons why people love riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car?



Motorcycle or car which one is better? This is one of the most common debate topics you will listen to sitting among motorists and car enthusiasts. Both of them have their pros and cons. Still, the debate rages on! The preference of bike over the car entirely depends on the kind of person you are and the benefits you choose. If you love fresh air and freedom over the spaciousness of a car, then you are a bike lover. This is only the tip of decision-making iceberg as you need to consider several things like resale value, parking, fuel efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, which one will take you to your destination as fast as possible.

There are many things to consider before making the right decision. The car is bigger and better, and hence most of us choose it. However, if you talk to a motorcyclist, you will realize that cars are way better than cars and are mighty rewarding. There are plenty of sensible reasons to swap your car for a motorcycle. Here we have listed a few compelling reasons that will convince even the staunchest car enthusiast to fall in love with riding a bike.

Bikes are Economical

As compared to a car, a bike is way too inexpensive and beats a car in long-term expenses. You will save a lot of money in fuel management as motorcycles are much more fuel efficient than cars. There’s a significant difference between the mileage of both vehicles, and this extra efficiency could save you considerable time at the fuel pump. Additionally, the maintenance costs of a bike are cheaper and don’t need plenty of skills so you can do it yourself. To finish it off- a bike is far less volatile when it comes to depreciation, and hence the resale value is high than cars.

Skip the Traffic

Time is precious, and a bike helps you save some by dodging you through the narrow lanes and full traffic signals. Time management is one of the most significant reasons what makes riding a bike way better than driving a car.


Two wheels with efficient acceleration make all the difference. One second you are waiting on the signal, and within the next seconds, you are racing your bike at the maximum speed limit. The crazy pick up allows you to reach your work/ college on time, every time.


Thanks to the advanced technologies and disc brake in a bike, it is easier for you to make a stoppage as soon as you face a terrible road or a vehicle crossing the street after the signal. Riding a bike gives you a broader perspective of the way, which means you can avoid danger more appropriately. Then is no blind spot when you look back. Moreover, have you ever seen a motorcycle rider eating, texting or reaching out for something while riding?

Broad Community

Biker’s community are happening and accepting. You ride in groups with people from different backgrounds and make friends easily. Getting bored? You always have someone to hang out with or go for a quick ride.

Exciting and Fun

Riding a bike is fun. You are thriving down the open road, adrenaline pumping- every ride is a unique one with distinct experience. Riding a bike is more than just commuting, it’s a fulfilling hobby! So, get your engines revving and get ready for the time of your life!

Easy Parking

Tight parking spot? Not a problem, slip right in! As compared to cars, bikes are smaller and need lesser space to fit into tighter spaces that cars could only dream of. Finding a place to park a bike is not tricky, so you save time and even save some hard earned cash, given car parking are expensive.

Health Benefits

Riding a bike burns calories as it engages more muscle groups than driving and gives you a great, full body workout. That doesn’t mean you should skip your regular exercise, but yes, now you don’t need an excuse to go for a ride. Bonus point! Riding a bike can even help reducing stress, thereby promoting relaxation. Only a few things can beat the feeling of riding a bike on a warm day with cool breeze caressing your hair and the fulfilling fragrance of leather and nature.

Riding a bike is equal parts exhilarating and liberating. When a vehicle gives you so many benefits, it is your responsibility to make sure it stays protected. Two wheeler insurance comes into the picture at this point. It covers your bike against various unfortunate incidences. You can even buy two wheeler insurance online with zero paperwork. Also, though you don’t use your car much it is must that you have a car insurance in place for your car’s safety as well.

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